Friday, January 03, 2014

About the links to the side

This was going in the brief snapshot.

Then it got less brief.

Then it got way too long.

Way too long.

House keeping.  Are you off our link list to the side?  I've done some cleaning.  If you hadn't updated in a year you were gone unless you were a music site or you were an archive site that could be of use to the next round of war resisters, for example.  The bulk that I pulled were sites like the war resisters page that lost its domain so it's no longer about war resisters. Programs that were no more -- such as CCP -- were taken down.  Out FM has altered their web address, I changed it to the new address.  I also swapped an Adam Kokesh site -- that wasn't updating -- for one that was.  I would love to put Twitter feeds up but they won't go.  A CNN friend asked for some form of a link and I said we could link to Jake Tapper's show (and we have, he's now on the list) because he's demonstrated he's a real journalist (one of the few).  Al Jazeera?  All the links they asked for years ago got pulled.  Videos on the page will not play for various reasons.  The America Al Jazeera site?

We can no longer stream Al Jazeera -- in Arabic or English -- in the us and you're offering us the crap of Al Jazeera America as an 'alternative'?  Your dopey and dumb ass reporting on America is just so much more fluff and filler.  The only value you had was in Middle East reporting.

With the exception of Al Jazeera, anyone who got pulled and is bothered by that, e-mail the public account with "please put me back on the list" and your web address and I will.  Possibly, you're planning on writing or posting in 2014.  Or maybe you're not.  I don't care.  I didn't pull you for 'political reasons' or to be mean. You don't need to offer an excuse or explanation, just e-mail the public account ( and type: "please put me back on the list" with your web address and you'll go back up.  This was not a purge.  There were a number of sites -- about 15 -- that were dead links and so my only purpose was to tidy up.  Green Change -- an important site at one time -- you visit it today -- well, you can't.  It's no longer online.  That and sites that haven't updated in a year and whose archives I didn't see any war resistance value in (PBS' NOW's archives include interviews with war resisters) got pulled.  Also the add/remove screen is a tiny square -- even when you maximize the page, it remains a tiny square -- so I could have removed something by accident. By accident or on purpose, I'm putting this at the top of the snapshot in case anyone feels they should not have been removed.

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