Friday, January 03, 2014

Nouri's murdering children, western media is silent

Nouri's assault on Anbar includes bombing residential areas -- from overhead.  It includes killing children.

Yet the western media can't report that.

عناصر تقتل طفلا-8 سنوات- باطلاق الرصاص باحدى سيطراتهم في الصقلاوية. . .

As we noted in yesterday's snapshot, the little boy above was shot dead by Nouri's forces in Saqlawiyah which is an Anbar Province city near Falluja.

Elaine wrote about it, "Iraq's a lot safer now that they've killed that small child. Surely every terrorist is under three feet tall and can be found wearing pajamas with a smiling bear on them.  Nouri and Barack should be tried in an international court for War Crimes. Fight the lies, fight the oppression, refuse to condone the executions, the genocide that Nouri and Barack are carrying out."

To which we must apparently add, "Fight the press!"  Because the press won't report the above or the six-year-old girl killed yesterday or the two children left wounded or . . .

The western press is jerking off as they moan "al Qaeda!"  They're not reporting.

They don't care about the deaths, they don't care about the children.

They just don't care about anything but propping up Nouri.

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