Thursday, January 02, 2014

Remember when they said the oil deal was off?

December 2, 2013, we explained here "The KRG deal with Turkey is not off."

We had to explain that because a lot people were wrongly trusting various outfits -- news outlets -- that define "news" from Iraq as what chief thug and prime minister Nouri al-Maliki tells them it is.

They're stenographers, nothing more.

They might want to remind Nouri to get them a gift and card April 23rd.

That's Administrative Professionals' Day.

And the stenographers posing as reporters have certainly earned a mug, flowers, a box of candy and a card for all the dictation they've taken and published.

Should Nouri try to pat them on the ass, however, that is sexual harassment and it is illegal in the work place.  Nouri, of course, has no respect for the law and refused to call out domestic violence against women even when Iraq was observing it a few weeks back.  So let me repeat, sexual harassment is not legal.  Your body is your own.  Nouri has no right to touch it.  Even if you work for Al Jazeera, Nouri has no right to touch you.

Today, there was a press conference.   All Iraq News reports: "The Turkish Ministry of Energy announced that the oil will be pumped from Kurdistan Region to Turkey with (300,000) oil barrels daily."

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