Thursday, January 02, 2014

David Swanson's "What Your Local Radio Stations Could Be Airing"

By David Swanson

Talk Nation Radio is a 29-minute program available every Wednesday for free to any radio station that wants to air it. Dozens are airing it now, and your local stations would probably be happy to do the same if they knew about it. Please let them know. It's syndicated by Pacifica Network. It's available at and it's FREE.

Think how many people would then hear shows like these!

(Which you can hear online anytime and embed on your own website or social media page.)

Robert Parry on Syria in Reality and in the New York Times
Lisa Simeone on How the TSA Trains Us in Complete Obedience
Doug Fry: Humans Have Not Evolved for War
Andy Shallal on Why He Should Be Mayor of Washington D.C.
Adam Hochschild on Ending Slavery and Not Ending War
I'm Thankful We Can Abolish Debt
Stephen Kinzer on The Dulles Brothers
Manuel Perez-Rocha: 20 Years of NAFTA Is Enough
Ann Jones on How the Wounded Return
Margaret Flowers: Web Failures Just a Symptom of Obamacare's Illness
Max Blumenthal on Israeli Ethnocracy
72 Cities Demand Clean Air Act Be Enforced to Protect Climate
Stephen Canty: Once a Marine.
Nathan Schneider on the Occupy Apocalypse
Taking Kent State to the United Nations
Iraqi Students in the U.S.
Rep. Alan Grayson on Syria: House Will Vote No, Obama Will Heed
Patrick Cockburn: Missiles Won't Make Peace in Syria
Jean Bricmont: Keep Humanitarian Imperialism Out of Syria
Tim Shorrock on Peace and Its Opponents in Korea
The EPA Lies for Frackers and Tar Sands Producers
Rooj Alwazir: U.S. Drones Terrorize Yemen
Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America
Hunger Strikers and the Law vs. the Prison Industry
John Whitehead on Our Government of Wolves
Gar Alperovitz Points to Worker Ownership as Fix for Broken Democracy
Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire Says Syrians Oppose Intervention
Peter Kuznick Tells the Untold History of the United States
U.S. Peace and Justice Activists to Gather in Madison, Wisc.
Rick Rowley Tells How He Made the Film "Dirty Wars"
Guantanamo Is Getting Worse
David Vine on U.S. Bases All Over the World
Carl Gibson on Shutting Down the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Arun Gupta on Iraqis in California and Professor Petraeus
Highway Boondoggles Bypass Budget Crunch
Here Comes Corporate Nationhood
Pentagon Professor Says the U.S. Military Overpowers Civilian Rule and Should Be Demilitarized
Honduras Most Dangerous Country in World Thanks to Us
Jody Sokolower on Teaching Wars in U.S. Schools
Richard Wolff on Putting Workers in Charge at Work
Robert Shetterly's Portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth
Wenonah Hauter on Foodopoly
Robert Fantina on War and the Bravery of Deserters
Norman Solomon on Iraq War Lies and New Online Activism
Nick Turse: Kill Everything That Moves
The Crisis in Mali and How to Stop Contributing to It
"I Killed People in Afghanistan: Was I Right or Wrong?"
Robert Pollin: There Is No Fiscal Crisis
Marcy Wheeler: Brennan Is Obama's Cheney
Reese Erlich on Bahrain and Syria
Stephen Zunes on Kerry, Hagel, Brennan, and Obama Part II
Shahid Buttar on Spying, Detention, Torture, and Zero Dark Thirty
Sam Pizzigati: What Serious Progressive Taxes Would Look Like
David Hartsough on Peace Work
Roy Hange on Struggle for Peace in Syria and Iran
Erica Chenoweth on the Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict
Michael McPhearson and Michael Eisenscher on Jobs Not Wars
Glen Ford on Black and Progressive Activism in the Obama Era
William Blum on America's Deadliest Export: Democracy
Brian Terrell Is Headed to Prison for Protesting Drones
Gar Smith on Nuclear Roulette
Mike Elk on Employers Telling Workers How to Vote
Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein
Kucinich Says Failure to Impeach Bush Has Allowed Obama to Intensify Bush's Policies
How Did NATO Go Global?
Slow Democracy Is Better Democracy
Comedy as Political Force
War Tax Resistance
The Risks and Benefits of Political Theater in the West Bank
Sanctions on Iran -- March Toward War
How Young People Shut Down a Strip Mine in West Virginia and Why
The War on Whistleblowers With Thomas Drake and Jesselyn Radack
How Drones Appear from the Receiving End
Hidden History of the War on Iraq and Its Oil
Leah Bolger on the Upcoming National Convention of Veterans For Peace
Clinical Psychologist Bruce Levine Says U.S. Citizenry Particularly Inactive
U.S. Poverty Is Expanding and Worsening
An Israeli General's Son Meets Palestinians, Reverses His Beliefs
Bombs Bursting in Air, Alice Slater on Nuclear Weaponry in the World Today
Contempt, Congress, and Elizabeth Holtzman on How to Prosecute George W. Bush
Bruce Gagnon on U.S. Aggression Toward Russia and China
Sandy Davies on War, Weapons, and Obama
Chase Madar on the Passion of Bradley Manning
Marcy Winograd on Leaving the Democratic Party and Opposing War
Coleen Rowley's Top Ten Ways to Be a Good Citizen
Cindy Sheehan on the Venezuelan Constitution as a Model for the United States
Stephen M. Kohn on Our Government's Attacks on Whistleblowers
Rebecca Vilkomerson on Jewish Voice for Peace
Medea Benjamin on Drone Wars and This Weekend's Upcoming Drone Summit
Dahr Jamail: BP Oil Disaster Ongoing After Two Years
John Horgan on the End of War
Rocky Anderson on His Campaign for President
When a War Veteran Tortures His Daughter, and She Survives
The Power of Theater to End Militarism
3-Hour Military Test Secretly Administered in Thousands of High Schools
Students Hunger Strike for a Living Wage
Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy on Bahrain, AIPAC, and Military Spending
Paul Chappell on How We End War Forever 


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