Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rebecca offers up the 10 most f**kable men of 2013

Rebecca did a top ten. for 2013.  She called me to tell me and we're re-posting it here right away with her permission.  there's a nude bottom below but i think we're all mature enough not to gasp - unless out of passion.  This will be at the top for an hour and then I'll repost another piece which will be here for an hour and then the usual year end pieces. 

10 most f**kable men of 2013

iwana e-mailed suggesting this topic as a theme.

you know i'm so there.

1)  chris mckenna

as kat's 'the homophobia of people magazine' (about their awful pick this year for sexiest and how they've never picked an openly gay man as sexiest of the year), kat writes:

Who would I have picked as the sexiest man of this year?

I don't know.  Off the top of my head?

I'd say Chris McKenna who plays the father in the Citi Thank You Cards commercial.

He's with a friend and his teenage daughter comes running up about a Katy Perry concert?

Have you seen it?

Have you seen him?


Even the wrinkles under his eyes are sexy in that commercial.

He's probably the hottest man of the year.

amen to that!

chris mckenna is the 'flashdance' song 'he's a dream' come to life:

Right now, ask me if I care, look, it's coming closer, oh I'll swear
He's got to be the toughest guy I've ever seen
I can't believe he's lookin' at me
He's a dream

2) oliver hudson

in 'The nonsense women endure (Ava and C.I.),' ava and c.i. pointed out:

We got into a huge fight with one friend with the show when we were asked what our biggest critique was?

Oliver Hudson.

Yes, he's the only real reason to watch the current season of Nashville.

But our point was why wasn't he in this show?

Why wasn't he cast in the Michael Richards' role or as the son?

Kirstie, regardless of where her weight is, remains an attractive woman.

Why is the show so opposed to attractive men?

After Cheers, Kirstie starred in the sitcom Veronica's Closet.  It ran three seasons.  It would have had a longer span if it hadn't embraced ugly.  Ron Silver was butt ugly and scared viewers off when he was added in season two. By the time the producers faced that fact, the show was exiled to the Siberia of NBC Monday nights.

The show needs some man pretty.  And considering how butt ugly destroyed Kirstie's previous show, we did strongly suggest, they find some man pretty and do so quickly.

Oliver Hudson could offer that and so much more.

And Oliver is a great example of where Kirstie could go.

Rules of Engagement was a very bad and iffy show when it popped up.  Only Megyn Price seemed to have a firm grip on her character.  But as the show continued, Oliver's Adam and Bianca Kajlich's Jen became stronger characters and lifted so many scenese -- so many diner scenes, so many scenes.  Oliver Hudson's Adam is probably the great male sitcom character of the '00s.  You won't hear that from The Water Cooler Set which only lusts after trends and which hates sitcoms anyway.

But Oliver created a breakout character, a male character that TV had not seen before.  He first got a hold of that character when Adam had a playground confrontation with a school bully (a kid).  In that early season one episode, he clicked as the character and everything that followed was about sharpening and building that character.  The chemistry with Kajlich helped as did her skills, the rolled eyes, the side looks, they all allowed Hudson to play shades of embarrassment and discomfort.

how right they are.

i didn't watch 'rules of engagement' until that went up. i'm now watching it in syndication and, yes, oliver hudson's himbo adam is an amazing creation.  oliver's very talented.  on 'nashville' as well - which i'm now streaming for him.

and on top of everything else, he apparently tweeted his naked and fine ass this year.

what's not to grab onto?

3) channing tatum

magic mike

oh, yeah.

'white house down' i've watched 13 times on bluray.  and he's the reason.

he's so sexy.

i think he's even sexy between films when he gets chunky. it's a special kind of sexy he has.

4) karl urban.

  • the star of 'almost human' is super sexy.  and he's got that big butt and those thick hips so you know that no matter if he's working with a long wand or something more average, he's going to be pumping seriously and getting in there.

    adam levine is such a dainty little thing, a wisp of a person, that you just know he needs to have 12 inches or more because he doesn't have the strength or the stamina to get in there and work.

    i'm sure karl is at least average - at least.  but if he were just 3 inches, he's got the body to slam it home.

    i sometimes ignore the plot of the show and just watch hims move.

    5) aaron rodgers.


    the quarterback would be higher on my list if he came out as gay.

    i'm not joking.  my first husband was gay.  i didn't know that when i married the guy.  when c.i. tried to tell me the man was gay, i blew her off.  i find a number of gay men very sexy.

    i'm happily married, i'm not going to be sleeping with any of the guys on the list.  this is all in my head and fantasies and if a man is gay that doesn't mean i can't fantasize.

    i wish actors could grasp that.

    i think a lot more would come out if they could grasp that reality.

    6) chris pine.

  • omg.

    is there anything not sexy about him?

    chris pine oozes sex.

    i don't care what he's playing, he just can't stop oozing sex.

    if 'people' had any brains, they'd have him shirtless on every cover.

    7) zachary quinto.

    Zachary Quinto
    Zachary Quinto 2011.jpg

    for decades, some 'star trek' fans have imagined kirk and spock having sex.

    i'd argue that j.j. abrams got it right when he cast pine and zachary quinto in the roles.

    zach was hot as syler - i used to cover 'heroes' here - go back to the archives.  he is hot today.

    he is proof that the fantasy factory of hollywood continues regardless of whether an actor is gay or not.

    i've got a husband and zach's got a boyfriend.  we're never going to have sex.  it's not happening.

    but that's not why we fantasize about film stars.

    we really - unless we're stalkers - don't expect to have sex with a film star.  but it is so nice to fantasize.

    zachary is some good fantasy material.

    8) and then there's tom.

    Tom Hardy

    british actor tom hardy is so talented.

    but, if i'm honest, he's been so talented in a lot of bad movies.

    but i will watch each and every 1 because he's so sexy.

    yes, he's probably going to end up 1 of england's great actors.

    i don't dispute his talent.

    but the reason i keep watching is he's 1 fine piece of sexy.

    9) george michael.

     George Michael

    he will be your father figure ... only if you're damn lucky!

    i actually didn't feel any heat from george during wham.  i liked the group.  i sang along with the audio cassette.

    then came 'faith' and i still didn't feel it.

    he was good looking.

    but he did nothing for me.

    then came 'listen without prejudice.'

    he wasn't trying to be cute, sexy or good looking.

    and damn, did he hit me hard.

    i knew he was gay (he and c.i. are friends - i knew george was gay when i wasn't attracted to him) but even that didn't make him sexy to me in the 80s.

    but when he finally struck me as sexy, it never stopped.  geroge is sexier right now for me than he was in the 90s and he as very sexy then.

    10) drake.

  • are you offering anything more than a tour?

    drake.  the 1st time i saw him was on an awards show and he was presenting, not performing.

    but omg and good golly molly.  he had so much presence.

    having since seen him perform, i can agree he's very talented.

    but most of all, for this list, he's very, very sexy.

    so that's my 10 for the year and i could easily give you 10 more.

    happy new year!

    let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

    [. . .]