Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I'm down a Benghazi hole

FYI, I am trying to wrap up the year-in-review and get it up here.

But idiots have praised a bad article on Benghazi.

And refuting the nonsense from the New York Times requires doing a very slow walk through -- which may kill the year-in-review.  It'll go up but that section may pull the review in another direction.

I'm sorry about that.  I knew about the article before it went up and avoided it for that reason (this is in the year-in-review).  But to write about it, I had to read it and none of it stands up.

I knew it was bad because of what I heard before the article was written, I had no idea it was this bad.

People, I just don't know -- they're either idiots who don't know the first thing about journalism or else they're so thrilled to read an article saying what they want it to that they'll applaud it.

Reality, not only is the article estranged from actual reporting but it doesn't even make the claims that some cheerleaders have said it did.

It's a very long article.  Did the fools applauding it maybe watch TV coverage and pretend they read the article?

I believe some of them did.

In fairness to them, they may have tried to but been put to sleep by the bad writing.

I have not been to bed since Tuesday morning but give me 30 minutes to an hour -- 90 minutes top -- and I'll have something up.  If I wasn't having to go through this bad article -- provide a slow walk through -- I would've been done a long time ago.

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