Thursday, January 02, 2014

Suggestions for the Intelligence Community

This was sent to the public e-mail account:

The Intelligence community have a reputation for being a bunch of primadonna's
who put the nation at risk by refusing to share information.

Instead of giving them more and more money and more and more power and using scare tactics on the US Citizens of mass destruction to pay for it, why don't you cut the DOD and Intel agencies in half?

If we had 
  • one intelligence agency called the Department of Intelligence
  • one defense agency called the Department of Defense
we could improve the intelligence community by 
  1. saving over head of the intelligence agencies by running their payroll through one agency like they do for DOD.
  2. STOPPING back biting and infighting over data.
  3. STOPPING redundancies in the intelligence data gathering arena between agencies.
we could improve the Department of Defense by
  1. Weeding out the bad employees breaking the law that give everyone in the USA a bad name at home and abroad who should be giving a positive image of the USA everywhere they go or stay home!
  2. Prevent the Department of Defense from being what it is now - the Department of Attack everyone!

Until Monday, I'm the only working the public and private e-mail accounts.

If you send more than one e-mail, I'm not reading it.

If you're in the double digits, I'm not reading it.

The person who sent this sent 13 other e-mails.  I'm not interested.

I don't have the time and I honestly don't care.

Other e-mails contain terms that will not lead your suggestions to be taken seriously ("mind control" and "magic wands").

We've posted this, that's it.

You're cut off.

Don't e-mail the public account again.  I will not read and I will pass on to everyone to ignore your e-mails.  I am not interested in another word from you.

And I thought this had been said before but in case it hasn't, multi-e-mails daily will be seen as spam and ignored.  (If you're someone sending press releases, I'm not referring to you.  I'm referring to people like the above who feel the need to e-mail repeatedly including forwarded e-mails.  I'm not interested in your crazy.)