Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Some Tweets from Adam Kokesh

Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh is seeking the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

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    Planning on being alone on Christmas? Not anymore! The Kokesh Christmas Suicide Vigil Livestream for People from Broken Homes!
  • Just made a donation to CoffeeParty
  • I'm your Huckleberry, : BTW, my last name is a funny American way of saying Smith, born on Ellis island from bastardized old German.
  • Guess what? Principled libertarianism has mainstream appeal! Thanks and for making this happen! Let's share this and keep building momentum for Team !
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    Replying to 
  • The Kokesh Christmas Suicide Vigil Livestream for People from Broken Homes Lineup announced! Don't be lonely tomorrow!
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    Have you liberated your brain lately? Visit for your free download of by and be prepared for that uncomfortable holiday dinner election discussion
  • Video coming soon! Thanks to for this great opportunity to get the message in front of a big new audience!
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    if somehow became POTUS, & each state became a sovereign nation-state, which state would you most want to live in?
  • Thank you, , for reminding us that is just as much a war criminal as any other. You ask me, "What is impeachment distracting us from?" The Afghanistan Papers give Trump what he needs to bring the troops home via
  • Jeff Weinhaus, a true American hero. Survived an attempted murder by police officers, got arrested for it.
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    We are here for support during this most difficult time, to share, chat, laugh love and sing! Please share this and join us!