Friday, December 27, 2019

Some Tweets from Gabrielle Farrell

Gabrielle Farrell is the press secretary for candidate Elizabeth Warren.

  • HAPPENING NOW: Child care providers in Silicon Valley talk , and raising wages for the mostly Black and brown women who care for our children with . LISTEN IN:
  • “She is the right candidate at a time when Trump has launched hateful attacks on LGBTQ people, a conservative Supreme Court majority is positioned to strip away LGBTQ and women’s rights, & trans poc are facing an epidemic of violence, the signatories say.”
  • Campaign staff: don’t forget to go to town hall while you’re home and request an absentee ballot so you can vote for your candidate in the primary
  • goes in for knee x-ray, nurse asks if i’ve traveled out of the state over the past 30 days. i say ‘yes’ she’s like, ‘where’
  • something new! notes outside for ? how sweet πŸ’™ – at Northwest Classen High School
  • so happy to close out ’s homecoming town hall w/ and happy holidays, everyone! from our team to you and yours! – at Northwest Classen High School
  • . literally wants three things: 1) Attack the corruption 2) Make some structural change 3) Protect our democracy
  • Spotted at Northwest Classen High School - the Liz Herring high school debate trophy – at Northwest Classen High School
  • Up next: a woman president.