Saturday, April 30, 2005

Coming up on The Laura Flanders Show and on The Kyle Jason Show

Coming up on The Laura Flanders Show:

Saturday, April 30
There were more rips in society’s safety net this week, courtesy of King George and Congress. Meanwhile wartime profiteers, big oil and big medicine are raking in profits. Is the struggle of retirees at General Motors to keep their benefits a sign of what’s to come for US workers? And speaking of health care, what’s really happening to the people delivering most of it - America’s nurses? SUZANNE GORDON, author of “
Nursing Against the Odds,” and DEBRA BURGER, president of the California Nurses Association, talk about life where the buck stops.Then Nigerian music legend KING SUNNY ADE, on two decades of touring in America, why his music is loved by so many people across the world and the real meaning of Juju music!

The Laura Flanders Show airs on Air America. It begins in a little over five hours from when I'm typing this (I'm not in the mood to do time zones, my apologies). For more information, click the link. And if Air America doesn't air in your listening area, remember that you can listen online.

Don't forget that Marty's So What Else Is News starts an hour earlier than usual beginning today. Or that Ring of Fire is now two hours. The Kyle Jason Show follows The Laura Flanders Show:

Tonight on The Kyle Jason Show, Kyle speaks to Nassau County Legislature Dave Mejias, about his upcoming marathon and race for re-election. Later in the show, multi-award winning actor and director, Rome Neal and famed Composer Bill Lee stop by to chat with Kyle abou the their most recent production titled, "Monk", a play about the life and times on Thelonious Monk. Don't miss this exclusive interview with two of the greatest artisitic performers and creators of our time.

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