Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Luke of wotisitgood4

From our friend Luke of wotisitgood4:

i set up a blog with a sitecounter for you, where illers can actually see what info a site counter collects - i give the username/password details to statcounter - if u go there u will be 'seen' cos it has a counter - but thats the point - so be warned am i making sense? i intentionally set up a blog with a sitecounter so that illers could see what info is recorded with a site counter.

Makes perfect sense and thank you for that, Luke.

Luke also gave us a head's up to an item. Instead of noting it from his e-mail, we'll note it from his blog that Natalie asked for us to highlight:

* moonietimes writes an odd meandering article about blogging - the point of it seems to be able to slip this point in: "Last week, according to National Security Agency and Defense Information Agency experts, there were more than 180 million blogs all over the world... DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), prodded by NSA, is trying to figure out how to vacuum clean these electronic bulletin boards for coded messages in seemingly innocuous phrases. Blogs would greatly facilitate coordination of terrorist acts at the same time in different parts of the world." LINK
who'd bet that google wouldnt pull the plug on Blogger the next time theres an errorist attack? maybe they'll do it an hour before hand just to make sure... reminder - my backup site is at
* bumiller idiot a couple of weeks ago wrote: ""To this day, I can still recite the starting lineup of the 1954 Giants," Bush is quoted saying." LINK - an LAT article this week: "But Bush talked about baseball instead, naming almost the entire starting lineup for the Cleveland Indians for the 1954 World Series." LINK

On mirror sites, we'll do a link to Luke's mirror site shortly (I have to go into the template per the panel), I'm also working on getting the mirror site up. Or UK Computer Gurus are. I couldn't get into it Monday night and figured it was a temporary glitch. I couldn't get into yesterday (which was a blessing because the two hours of sleep were needed). (And then some. Thanks to Kat and Ava who are helping out today, by the way.)

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