Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wally has a post to share with the community

Wally has written a post that he wants shared with the community. I'm noting it but not sharing it for reasons that will be more obvious this evening.

This has nothing to do with Wally's comments. Wally's very mad and I'll note that now. Wally's upset that there seems to be an attitude that this site or myself offered some explanation on why trackers were used or what they tracked. Wally feels that since one's not used here people outside the community need to "chill" and that some baseless charges have been made outside the community. Wally's comments will go up this evening. There is a reason for pausing on them that has nothing to do with Wally and my apologies to Wally for the delay.

Wally closes with "This site has never said counters or trackers do ____ or ____. This site has raised questions based on members statements. People need to get over their selves real quick."

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