Friday, April 29, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews (and Meet the Press still calls Gloria Steinem "Gloria Steiner")

The Sunday Chat & Chews, for those with strong stomachs.

ABC's This Week has these guests:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority leader
The Rev. Pat Robertson, founder and chairman, Christian Broadcasting Network
Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback

Yes, you read that correctly. A football player, a preacher (whose business dealings don't seem to follow the teachings of Jesus -- see Greg Palast) and Nancy Pelosi. At least they have Pelosi.

On NBC's Meet the Press:

White House Chief of Staff
Foreign Relations Committee
Foreign Relations Committee

Two Republicans and one Democrat. That balanced Tim Russert. He'd probably have had three Republicans but then he'd been left without anyone to beat up on.

Over at CBS's Face the Nation, Blinky continues to at least try:

Social Security; The Filibuster Fight;
The Bolton Nomination
Sen. Chuck Hagel
Foreign Relations Committee
Republican - Nebraska
Rep. Sam Brownback
Judiciary Committee
Republican - Kansas
Sen. Dick Durbin
Minority Whip
Democrat - Illinois
Karen Tumulty
TIME Magazine

Two Republicans, one Democrat. That appears to be proportional representation this Sunday on NBC and CBS. Check your local listings for when the shows air (they're morning shows in almost all markets -- one member advised me that Meet the Press is sometimes on in his area early Monday morning).

And yes, for those wondering, the about page at Meet the Press still has "Gloria Steiner" and not Gloria Steinem. It's supposed to be a news show, right? It's supposed to be factual. They're aware of the problem, they just don't want to correct it. Anyone want to say conservative bias?

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