Wednesday, April 27, 2005

To "Lucia"

To the person I'm calling "Lucia" (who will hopefully know why), you've e-mailed requesting help with something but I'm confused about what it is.

There's a date mentioned in the e-mail and I've gone through that day on the archive to find out what organization you're asking information about but I'm not seeing anything posted on that organization on that day. (I'm also blanking on the organization, sorry. The name's not ringing any bells with me.) Could you check the date and e-mail back?

I'll be happy to provide you with any contact info I have on the organization but I'm not finding it listed on that date and I honestly don't recognize the name. (I'm guessing it shows up in a story we excerted from. But I'm not seeing any story on that date with that organization. I'm also unable to find the org via a google or yahoo search for that org so there may be a typo involved in your e-mail.) Thank you.

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