Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Daniel Okrent's office advises that he was not censured

At the end of last week an e-mail came in advising that Daniel Okrent is stating that he was not censured and that he was not censured. Randy Cohen stated he believed Okrent was censured when Cohen was a guest on The Majority Report. Since Okrent's statements are circulating through e-mails and not publicly and Randy Cohen has not made any additional statement that anyone is aware of, who knows? (Daniel Okrent is the public editor for the New York Times. Randy Cohen is the Ethicist in the Times' Sunday Magazine.)

We don't quote private e-mails but since we did blog on Cohen's appearence, and noted that Cohen believed this, did not state it as fact, we'll note it here. For the record, Okrent maintains he was not censured.

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