Thursday, April 28, 2005

James in Brighton highlights "Mayday 2005 - Euromayday and More"

Community member James in Brighton e-mailed this in today. It's from UK Indy Media and to our members in the UK (and anyone who's visiting), hopefully you'll find an event you can attend.

Mayday Events sees Euromayday protests and actions happening in 20 cities around Europe, all based around the theme of 'precarity'.
The Euromayday events have been happening over the last years in Europe, and getting bigger every year, with parades of causalised workers, temps, part-timers, immigrants and unemployed marching through Europe's capitals to demand new social rights for the most marginalised [see audio background interviews one two from]
In London, there's a euroMAYDAY/Flexmob action, but the location is secret up until Sunday May 1st, when the details will be texted to people's mobile phones. Also in London, there the usual TUC Trade Union March meeting up at 12pm. At 2pm there's also the Spacehijackers vs MPs cricket match at 2pm in Parliament Square. Later in the eveing there's a benefit for Also in London, Critical Mass will be celebrating their 11th year of monthly bike rides with a huge bike ride event on Friday 29th April, as well as a G8 bike ride benefit in the evening of May 1st.
Also check out the other Critical Mass rides taking place around the country for Mayday weekend. In Glasgow, there's a Reclaim The Streets Party happening at 1pm, and the Camcorder Guerillas are screening their new G8 film "Why Close the G8" at 4pm, while the usual STUC Mayday Rally takes place at George Square at 11am.
On Friday there's also a Critical Mass bike ride. In Sedgefield (Blair's constituancy) there's a pre-election Mayday WMD Festival running May 1st-2nd with music, comedy and a peace camp set up. In Dublin in Ireland, scene of last years major Against Fortress Europe Mayday demonstrations, there's an Anti-G8 Reclaim The Streets Party on Monday 2nd, as well as a Euromayday Precarity Block on the usual Trade Unions march on Saturday 30th April. See
Manchester: Radical Bookfair 30th April Critical Mass 1pm Picnic 2pm
Plus Ministry of Truth ID Cards Street Theatre on Trade Union March Liverpool: Friday Critical Mass Saturday Gig May 1st TUC Trade Union March London: 30th April Anti-authoritarian Film Festival Oxford: May 2nd: Protest against war on Iraq and pensions Worthing Friday Anti-G8 Critical Mass Euromayday Net Parade CopyRiot euroLANparty005
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