Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wally speaks to the community

Wally: I joined up during the not super Superbowl. Like C.I. did with Bob Somery's Daily Howler, I've read the archives. I know the posts up here. There's confusion about e-mail privacy. It was stated here that members were private UNLESS THEY LIED TO ATTACK. I'm sure long termers will remember that. If you are a member and you ATTACK and LIE,
Now if that applies to a member that LIES and ATTACKS, then it applies to NON MEMBERS that LIE TO ATTACK. No one wants your side of the story LOUD MOUTH. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU HERE. People aren't telling the truth and if someone wants to holler MY E-MAIL IS PRIVATE! it's not when you lie. If there are personal comments in there that would be embarrassing and C.I. wants to leave them out that is fine. But if there are comments that demonstrate that the person is lying while attacking then they have given up their right to privacy. So when someone says CI IS A LIAR or says THE COMMON ILLS IS LIARS that person just gave up their right to privacy if the facts contradict their claim. That's REALITY and I'm real sorry if some people didn't pay attention but that was up and that applies. This all came to a head because of comments made at another site. THE POLICY CHANGED. And a LOUD MOUTH is calling C.I. a liar. Eli and I discussed this when we were e-mailing to each other and other members who served on the blog panel and I got two e-mails from Rebecca already that she sent out to her regular readers advising them of her choices and seeking input. I wrote back BURN THE FLAMERS. I've been up all night because this BOTHERS ME SO MUCH. The PANEL HAS BEEN UP TOO. I've got school in a FEW HOURS. My opinion is RON IS SAD. This will be his usual scream F YOU at Atrios and then sheepishly feel bad later. Or gripe about how somebody DIDN'T WRITE ME BACK! Bet people who DIDN'T WRITE BACK are happy now, don't you? LOUD MOUTH is just lying. I've read his whiney posts about how he asked for something to be posted here. The rule is that you write your own posts, LOUD MOUTH, that you note it's to be posted. Rebecca's had the e-mails read to her and she says he didn't do that.
I read Rebecca's post when it went up and stayed up all night. I am afraid that Rebecca will be right that it was a mistake to play "in fairness." I know the morning's aren't easy right now but I would like this post up. Every word. And there were no lies put here about counters. People gave their opinions. There's no CLOSE THE SUBJECT on issues. Privacy is an issue. People expressed their concerns and they've done that since December. LOUD MOUTH doesn't know this site and needs to shut up. On counters, C.I. has posted several times. C.I. did a post explaining why members were opposed to them and why some bloggers felt they needed them and that got touched on again long before LOUD MOUTH and RON had a problem. C.I. isn't obligated to become an expert on counters. And readers of Rebecca's site no why it's a problem. They know that someone claims to have read a e-mail that was being written either while the person was visiting the blogger's site or after they left. SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET HONEST. The panel feels that the blogger lied and that's why there's no GETTING HONEST about it. If he was shooting off HIS MOUTH like he usually does, he needs to correct it. HE HAS HIS OWN SITE FOR THAT.
When Frank in Orlando FLAMED OUT with his KISS OFF to the community I knew people didn't like him but I only found out why when I went to the archive. HE WAS TAKING UP EVERYONE'S TIME with HIS OWN ISSUES. If you are not a community member you take your crud somewhere else. LOUD MOUTH has been happy to scream liar and when we get the story on that we'll see who the liar is. Nobody reads LOUD MOUTH so maybe that's why he feels the need to FLAME. I asked Rebecca in an e-mail, did C.I. get e-mails from LOUD MOUTH's readers when LOUD MOUTH urged them to write? No. Sounds like someone's got a bad case of BLOGGER ENVY and LOUD MOUTH has no right to speak to this community. I am speaking for members of the panel right now so we STRONGLY request that when this goes up, LOUD MOUTH is no longer tolerated at this site. Eli is working on a statement from the panel that voted LOUD MOUTH on. We are the community, as C.I., says. Eli will be announcing our decision and we expect it to be respected. If LOUD MOUTH bothered to get any facts right before FLAMING he would all know we have discussed this and discussed this. And anyone curious has gotten an e-mail from UK COMPUTER GURUS. Ron's firewall suggestion is old school news now. Thanks for playing Ron, go back to promising that big OHIO STORY you keep promising for MONTHS AND MONTHS. I want every word in here and it is my opinion and there's no need for RON or LOUD MOUTH to get to respond to my feelings.
They aren't members here. They have come in and crapped on this community. They've lost all rights to reply. LOUD MOUTH reads 1 post and thinks he knows what's been discussed. LOUD MOUTH is wrong. Go away LOUD MOUTH. NO ONE ever liked you anyway as will be noted by Eli. There has been a concern about a blogger reading an e-mail that was being written by a vistor while they composed it SINCE DECEMBER. That is our concern. If the blogger lied (and Rebecca's readers knew who it was). That is why MEMBERS WERE CONCERNED ABOUT TRACKING. If the BLOGGER LIED he needs to get honest. If he told the truth which is hard to believe considering the source and considering what UK COMPUTER GURUS have advised us he still needs to GET HONEST. NO ONE WAS CONCERNED WITH GOING TO BUZZFLASH. Buzzflash tracks how many visitors they get. So do other sites and we have followed UK COMPUTER GURUS advice if we were concerned but on a site like Buzzflash where I know we're dealing with professionals and not flamers who explode every other day at someone, I don't worry. The panel doesn't worry. Some members may but UK COMPUTER GURUS have addressed this in their mailings. If a site is QUESTIONABLE, we have avoided it and if it was QUESTIONABLE it was due to their association with A CERTAIN BLOGGER. WHEN LOUD MOUTH is so close with BLOGGER and BLOGGER CLAIMS HE COULD READ AN E-MAIL BEING COMPOSED then people have a reason to be concerned about LOUD MOUTH. I appreciate that C.I. tried to take the high road with regard to LOUD MOUTH but he has to be judged by the COMPANY HE KEEPS. I am afraid Rebecca is right and that we are in for more lies and trashing today. This is IMPORTANT to this community. When I e-mailed Eli the sun wasn't even out. He was up. The rest of the panel was too. We are tired of being TRASHED. We already held it for weeks on HOW DO YOU SLEEP. We don't need to hold it again. We are fighting back for ourselves and for C.I. GO AWAY LOUD MOUTH and RON, JUST GO AWAY!!!! This is for members not BUTT FACE BLOGGERS! My opinion because Ron will want the LAST WORD. Not this time. You've had your LAST WORD here and that goes for LOUD MOUTH to. GO AWAY!
This site has never said counters or trackers do ALLOW YOU TO READ E-MAILS or THAT THEY DON'T. This site has raised questions based on members statements. People need to get over their selves real quick.