Friday, April 29, 2005

Via BuzzFlash "FBI Raids Noe's Condo, Seizes 'Some Property'..." Bush fundraiser probe

Eric e-mails this item in and notes that he saw it at BuzzFlash. So let me note, when you see an item at BuzzFlash, AlterNet or Raw Story, please pass that on. Why? If people aren't visiting those sites, it lets them note what they can find there. It's one more way to underscore how a site you enjoy visiting is a resource.

The article BuzzFlash steers you to is from the Toldedo Blade, Mike Wilkinson and James Drew's "FBI raids Noe's condo, seizes 'some property': Investigators seek evidence of campaign-fund activity:"

The federal probe into whether local Republican fund-raiser Tom Noe was illegally funneling money to the Bush campaign had been ongoing for months. It reached a turning point Wednesday night.
FBI agents swept into Mr. Noe’s Maumee condo about 7:30 p.m., spending three hours scouring the home of one of the most prominent Republicans in northwest Ohio. They were looking for evidence of violations of federal campaign contribution laws.
The federal probe is studying Mr. Noe’s campaign contributions to the President, and specifically contributions made by others who may have received money from Mr. Noe, possibly allowing him to exceed the $2,000 spending cap.

This story makes me think of a point Mike Malloy was making last night on his show, that we're seeing the beginning of the end of the Bully Boy's free ride.

On another note, Guerrilla News Network is a great resource. Boyd e-mailed to ask me why I wasn't highlighting it. I haven't been and there is a reason. I think it's a great resource. But when I linked to it, I had no idea that Frances Moore Lappé's son was involved in running it.
I've never met Anthony Lappé, but his mother is someone I've met and who's been a huge inspiration to me. (Not just with Diet For a Small Planet but obviously that's the starting benchmark in her long career of activism.) I found that out a few weeks ago when a friend said "I'm really happy you're linking to Anthony's site." I asked who because I had no idea which site she was speaking of. And she then informed that she was speaking of Guerrilla News Network and that one of the people involved was Frances Moore Lappé's son. So to avoid charges of conflict of interest, I've avoided linking since then unless a member was highlighting it.

So Boyd, start highlighting it in e-mails and we'll highlight it here. And unless a member expresses concern over this, I'll start highlighting the site on my own as well. But I'm not going to type "disclosure" everytime it's highlighted by me. (I won't highlight it except by members if anyone feels it's a conflict of interest. Just e-mail me by Sunday if you think it is a conflict of interest.) So consider this the heads up.

Cedric e-mailed, on another topic, "Please don't go back into the entry." That's regarding my mispelling of Cedric's name which I didn't realize until this morning. He says with this site and the mirror site, it's too much trouble for a typo. Since those are his feelings, I'll leave it as is; however, his name is Cedric and my apologies to him for getting his name wrong ("Cedrick").
Cedric's a very active member in this community and I was just in one of my idiotic modes when I mispelled his name.

I was hoping to write about a problem Dallas brought to my attention today. Dallas isn't the only one with this problem. I appreciate everyone who responded and I hope it's okay that I'm putting this off until tomorrow. I'm fading, sorry. I will attempt to do the thing on "celebrities blogging" tonight but if you don't see it up, that means I saved to draft and went on to bed.

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