Monday, May 02, 2005

Attempting to post something from Isaiah; comments on Bruce Springsteen and Judy Collins' new albums (comments, not reviews)

Here's what's planned to be coming up shortly (within an hour), community member Isaiah has an entry he'd like to share. I'll be using a new software program while attempting to post it. So if it does work, it may take an hour to get it posted.

(gina & krista round-robin readers know what Isaiah's contribution is.)

I'll also add, to correct something, that I do have Judy Collins' Portrait of an American Girl and Bruce Springsteen's Devils & Dust. They were in get well packages and I heard from the givers after the post went up where I mentioned that I didn't have them. So I was incorrect. (I'm not big on those sacks with crepe paper and had left them on a huge table in this room without going through them. There were also some DVDS, a few books, etc.) (I'm also not a big fan of wrapping paper as anyone who's received gifts from me could attest.)

I haven't listened to Devils & Dust (which I have three copies of). I tried playing one copy on the JVC and on the Sony. No luck with either. It's the new CD format (where the disc is thicker because one side is audio and the other is a DVD). When the Times had reported on this new format, they'd noted that some stereo systems wouldn't be able to play them. I'm assuming that I will be able to listen on my DVD players (stand alones or the DVD drive on this computer). Possibly, it will also play on the jam box, but I haven't attempted it. (That's for Charlie who's not been able to get his copy to play either.)

But, Susan, the Judy Collins album is really good, I agree. If anyone is a Judy Collins' fan, I'll join Susan in suggesting that you check out Portrait of an American Girl.

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