Monday, May 02, 2005

Dahr Jamail's Lectures and interviews available online

Those who signed up at Iraq Dispatches for e-mail updates should have already seen this but for any who didn't (and for those who haven't signed up):

** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches ****
***Dahr Jamail's Lectures - February 27, 2005 - New College, San Francisco
*Dahr's talk at New College was days after his recent return from Iraq and was the beginning of a lecture tour throughout the United States.
Ifyou did not have a chance to see one of Dahr's dozens of US lectures, here is one lecture - in its entirety - produced by the students of NewCollege.
See Dahr's Presentation Now! - Streaming Real Media
*Dahr Jamail Interviews Mark Manning -
*3/5/2005 Dahr Jamail and Mark Manning were the only two American unembedded
journalist inside Fallujah during the two sieges of April and November2004.
Mark Manning spent one week inside Fallujah with a video camera interviewing survivors of the November siege.
Hours of video tape documenting the atrocities that occured in Fallujah were stolen the day
Mark returned to the US in a well-timed double break-in that was followed by weeks of intimidation and threats.
In this rare interview, Dahr talks with Mark about Fallujah and recounts the circumstances that journalists face today when reporting on events the US government does not want its citizens to know about.
Listen to Interview (Streaming M3U)

*David Solnit Interviews Dahr Jamail
* - 3/5/2005 Anti war activist David Solnit presents the three pillars that support the Iraq war: Recruitment of more troops, contractors and fighters, the corporations profiting from the war, and the prevalent media disinformation in the US corporate mainstream news. Dahr and David use the pillars to discuss what Dahr has witnessed in Iraq and what we can do in the United States to stop the US war and occupation in Iraq.
Listen to Interview (streaming M3U)

Having difficulty downloading the streaming video and audio because of busy servers?
Download the entire files from the new Dahr Jamail Iraq Bit Torrent page

- where the busier it gets, the faster the downloads!

Also, as we've noted before:

Heads up to a DVD:
New Video Tells Dahr's Story Testimonies From Falluja
*Eyewitness in Iraq: Dahr Jamail, an Unembedded Report
*A Pepperspray Production, 28 minutes Dahr Jamail recognized that Americans were being misled about the US occupation of Iraq, so he went to Iraq to find the truth.
After being*un*embedded in Iraq totaling over 8 months, he returned to the States to tell what he discovered.
In this video Dahr Jamail speaks of the horrors of occupation, the use of illegal weapons by American forces, the rip-off of American taxpayers by Bechtel and other US corporations, the shabby and biased media coverage of the situation by US media, and of the resilient determination of the Iraqi people to be free from foreign occupation.
A portion of the price of this video goes to support Dahr in his ongoing efforts.
See the preview!
Buy the video from the Pepper Spray Productions website
More writing, photos and commentary at
So check out the video and if you're interested and able to afford to purchase the video, consider doing that.

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