Monday, May 02, 2005

Thanks to Chris Donovan, Gloria Steinem's name is now spelled correctly on the Meet the Press "about" page

Martha and another community member both received e-mails today from Chris Donovan (of NBC) who addressed the issue of "Gloria Steiner" on the "about" page of Meet the Press.

I have no idea who got the other e-mails but Donovan got Martha and another member's e-mails today and noted that Gloria Steinem's name had been corrected and thanked them for bringing the typo to his attention.

Martha: Maybe I'm being played but he seemed sincerely unaware of the problem until today. I've e-mailed four times before last Friday and each time received only the automated e-mail reply from Meet the Press. I have no idea what Chris Donovan does at NBC but he got my e-mail and he addressed the issue so I hope you will note him.

Gladly. And we will note again that, after over two years of having the error, it has been fixed. So I'll even join Martha and our other member in saying "Thank you" to Chris Donovan.

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