Thursday, May 05, 2005

Delays in posting

If you're noticing a delay in posting tonight, you aren't mistaken. Blogger had some advice for several errors that were occurring here. UK Computer Gurus did as well.

You may notice that the archive section is now weekly and not monthly. The archives (starting with December) were becoming too much for the Blogger problem to handle on a monthly system.

Making that change has already resulted in the last week of April reappearing in the archives. There are other changes that are going on that shouldn't effect the look of the site.

But there have been publishing errors increasingly and we were apparently headed for a "fatal flaw" so time is being taken for mainteance. This wasn't planned and my apologies for anyone who's been put out by this.

The goal is to do an entry prompted by Dallas tonight. If there's not time for that, we'll do it tomorrow.

And while mainteance is going on, I'm working (with Ava's help, thank you Ava) on the Thursday Indymedia highlights.

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