Thursday, May 05, 2005

Susan Keeps Me Honest

This is half repost and half new to this site.

On Saturday an entry appeared and I posted Susan's reply to it at the mirror site but Blogger was having problems so the entry never went up here. (I'm nothing if not forgetful.) As the posts here were being relayed over to the mirror site, I realized Susan's reply never made it here. (Sorry, Susan.) Here's the entry and below it, Susan's reply:

Air America programming notes and the gone but never forgotten Lizz Winstead on the Bully Boy's press conference

Programming notes from Air America.
Politically Direct Airs Sunday
Politically Direct, Air America's latest progressive news and interview show, launches this Sunday, May 1 from 2:00-3:00pm EST directly from Washington, DC. Veteran activist David Bender hosts. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Robert Byrd join him to discuss the "nuclear option."
In October, David Bender co-hosted the Sunday program Campaign Countdown with Rachel Maddow. (Link takes you to to the Air America Place archives for that show.)
Ring of Fire Expands to Two Hours with Callers
The new two-hour, call-in Ring of Fire debuts this Saturday from 5:00-7:00pm, with hosts Bobby Kennedy and Mike Papantonio. The Pap Attack returns as a featured segment.
The Pap Attack? Popular segment Papantonio did on Unfiltered. Kent Jones does "Kent Jones Now" on The Rachel Maddow Show these days which is also a revival of a popular segment that appeared on what show? Oh, yeah, Unfiltered. Rachel Maddow co-hosted what show? Unfiltered. That's not a slam at Papantonio, Jones or Maddow. It is noting that a network that was more than happy to pull the plug on Unfiltered continues to pick the bones of that program.
Chuck D and Lizz Winstead (co-hosts of Unfiltered)? I don't know. I hear Montel Williams and Sally Jesse may be interested in radio programs. (That's sarcasm.) No word yet on whether Rikki Lake will be replacing Randi Rhodes.
Let's jump over to Lizz Winstead's site to get her take on the Bully Boy's press conference since we won't get her voice from Air America these days:
Social Obscurity
Thank God the OC was preempted for that! Now I finally understand the Bush Strategy on Social Security.
I just needed to hear his overall plan for the future before I could comprehend it and because I am pretty sure I was blacklisted from his LieLapalooza Tour, I had to wait for last nights Network Television debut to see the show.
So let me lay out the four major points of his plan and then explain how he is gonna achieve it.In a nutshell: Create a world where the life expectancy rate is oh, say, 12. That way you can eventually do away with Social Security altogether. This is why he never talks about solvency. We dont neeeed solvency. Now you can shut up about it!
Combine that with the Rapture and you've got yourself a plan everybody can get behind and not be left behind.
Winstead goes over the points so click on the link.
Last programming note:
So What Else is News? Changes Hours
Marty Kaplan delivers his usual "un-spinning" of the days news, just an hour earlier. Tune in from 3:00pm-5:00pm this Saturday.
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Now here's Susan's reply to that post (new to this site):

Susan keeps me honest

Susan keeps me honest.

Susan: I just read the thing you posted ["Air America programming notes and the gone but never forgotten Lizz Winstead on the Bully Boy's press conference"]. Sally Jesse? Rikki Lake? Montel? Come on now. That's two women and an African-American male! Air America is only interested in white male TV talk show hosts! They'd be much more likely to hire Maury. And while I like David Bender am I the only one still noticing that there's not one Hispanic voice as a host or co-host of a radio program?

Absolutely, Susan, you are correct that there's no way two women and an African-American male would get a show or shows currently. And no, you're not the only wondering why there are no Hispanic hosts on Air America. Wasn't that the hot new demographic? Wasn't that supposed to be what the Democrats were going to be working towards strengthing their outreach efforts to? Maybe Air America missed that memo?

As for your question (about what I'm listening to this morning), Judy Collins' In My Life just went off and Tori Amos' The Beekeeper is playing right now. I haven't had time to get the new Bruce Springsteen or the new Judy Collins yet, no.* Lastly, to Susan and others asking about a new addition to this site, it may or may not go up tomorrow. I agree that it would be best to start it on a Sunday.Whether it will be this Sunday or not, I don't know. Krista & Gina, in their "round-robin," mentioned it as a heads up, not to say that it was going up this Sunday.

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And for a change, members who read this site as their first choice and not the other version get a post before those at the other site because, once again, Blogger is acting up. This post will go up there sometime tonight.

*As noted elsewhere, I was wrong. Get well bags contained three copies of Springsteen's latest CD and one had Judy Collins' latest CD. I didn't realize when I did the correction to that (there were also books and DVDs as well as other CDs) that it hadn't gone up here. So the mirror site's being visited by more than just our European members. (Thanks to the UK Computer Gurus for creating the mirror site to ensure that in one form or another, The Common Ills is always up.)

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