Sunday, May 01, 2005

Medea Benjamin on The Laura Flanders Show, Jim Wallis interviewed by Powell's Books, Luke (wotisitgood4) providing a Sibel Edmonds link

Three quick items. Later today (about nine hours from now, but check my math always) on The Laura Flanders Show (7pm to 10pm is the eastern time zone):

Sunday 7pm-10pm
Iraq didn't have W.M.D., but the U.S. continues to and this Monday, world leaders, and citizens from around the world will converge on the United Nations to decide the fate of the endangered Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Some politicians are standing up: we'll talk to British Member of Parliament
BRIAN SEDGEMORE, who left the Labour Party just days before a general election to protest Tony Blair's lies on Iraq. Then JACKIE CABASSO, Executive Director of the Western States Legal Foundation and United for Peace and Justice will tell us what anti-war activists can do to on the anniversary of the Vietnam War's end. And hear from THOMAS H COREY, President of Vietnam Veterans of America and we'll get the whole perspective. Finally, in studio for the full hour: MEDEA BENJAMIN, co-founder of CodePink and co-editor of "Stop The Next War Now: Effective responses to Violence and Terrorism".
And Don't miss Laura's latest appearances and book tour:
Tour 2005 Bushwomen: How They got Their Man in the White House
BOULDER, COLORADOMonday 5/2, 4 pm Lecture at University of Colorado, Old Main Building, followed by reception with the Womens Studies Department at Womens Studies Cottage.
7 pm Word is Out Womens Bookstore.
DENVER, COLORADO Tuesday 5/3, 12-1 Denver University Gender & Womens Studies Department.
5:30-7:00 The Denver Womans Press Club. 30 minute talk with reception.

7:30 The Mercury Cafe.
BOULDER, COLORADO Thursday 5/5, Aft Commencement Keynote at CU Womens Studies Graduation ceremony.
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Thursday 5/12, 7 pm, Left Bank Books.

Medea Benjamin, among others, on The Laura Flanders Show later today, that is your heads up.

Powell's Books has an interview with Jim Wallis (of Sojourners and author of God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It). From the interview:

Farley: If you don't mind shifting back a little bit, you referred to the coarsening of the culture. In the book you went so far as to say that the culture is broken. You hear all the time from the Right that the cause of this coarsening is "liberalism," which I think is just more self-serving scapegoating. But, I'm curious if you have any insights where this coarsening is coming from? What is the real cause?
Wallis: Well, that is exactly the right question. And I would like to get a number of religious leaders together from across the political spectrum who would agree that the coarsening of the culture is a problem and say here's the common project. Let's agree on the things that are most offensive in the culture — the gratuitous sexuality, the hedonism, the greed, the banality... all these things — and trace them back. What are there points of origin? I believe their points of origin, by and large, are the corporate culture.
Farley: What do you mean by that?
Wallis: I mean, these problems are mostly tied to an economic motivation. It's the Fox network. Fox is the favorite network of the conservatives. But how do the conservatives just give a pass to Fox? Some of the worst shows have been Fox. The other networks, too, but Fox has been praised by conservatives, Murdock runs it, so why not better programming?

Lastly (but not leastly) our friend Luke of wotisitgood4 e-mails to highlight something.

And you're asking where is it? We're getting to it. But this keeps running together in the posting stage so I'm hoping that providing this non-link paragraph will act as a barrier.

Here's what Luke wrote in to advise us about:

i see that you pointed to the Sibel Edmonds case the other day - here is another piece -
[. . .] she made this statement [. . .]: " I'm telling you that not a single newspaper covered what happened to me on Thursday when I went into court,"

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