Monday, May 02, 2005

Isaiah's contribution

There's a post now of Isaiah's contribution for the community. He felt the community could use some visuals (I agree).

I was able to increase the size slightly but not by much. In addition, I was the f**king tracer (a joke anyone who's seen Chasing Amy will get). Isaiah's scan wasn't working with the program Rebecca's taught me to use (which I'm sure is something I'm doing wrong) so I went into the program and attempted to outline it to make sure things showed up.

Point? As drawn by Isaiah it's outstanding. If anything's messed up, blame it on my tracing.

I'll continue to try to work on figuring out how to increase the size of scans on my end.

Isaiah will be contributing when he's inspired. We both hope that each Sunday, there will be one contribution to share with the community. But that's a hope.

The drawing is slighty bigger if you click on it. (And a lot bigger for a few seconds.) The size is my screw up (my apologies to Isaiah) and hopefully we can all practice patience (including me) while I try to figure out how to use this program.

For more on Isaiah, go to Rebecca's blog where she'll have an entry on Isaiah posted. (It's not up yet, I just e-mailed her to let her know Isaiah's first drawing was up.) Gina and Krista will have a something with Isaiah in their upcoming round-robin (and they'll be reproducing this as an attachment).

Kat does Kat's Korner where she comments on music. Ruth is doing Ruth's Morning Edition Report. Rob & Kara will continue to weigh in with their studies. Members have shared poems, editorials and comments. We're a community so any member who's like to share is encouraged to do so (one time or regularly). On my end, if it requires learning something new (like it will with Isaiah), I'll study up (but don't expect perfection).

I'm really happy with Isaiah's contribution and I hope you are as well.

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