Monday, May 02, 2005

Two other items from this morning's NYT

I'm not seeing a great deal in this morning New York Times to steer you towards. Members who've e-mailed this morning have all focused on the PBS story (see previous entry).

We'll note Sarah Kershaw's "A Megachurch's Leader Says Microsoft Is No Match:"

Before he became a born-again Christian and later a rising national star in the world of black evangelical ministers, the Rev. Ken Hutcherson started playing football because, he said, it was the best way he could think of to "hurt white people."
Dr. Hutcherson, a husky former linebacker for three National Football League teams who goes fishing with Rush Limbaugh and raises Rottweilers ("the bigger, the meaner, the better," he said of his pets), does not talk that way anymore about whites, saying his conversion to Christianity as a teenager changed all that. And a majority of the 3,500 members of his megachurch, which is based in this tidy Seattle suburb and high-tech hub, is white, as is his wife.

[. . .]
[Hutcherson] claims to be the person who forced Microsoft, situated near his Antioch Bible Church offices, to withdraw its support of a gay rights bill before the State Legislature, one it had supported the two previous years.
Dr. Hutcherson had threatened to organize a national boycott of Microsoft if it backed the legislation this year. The antidiscrimination bill was defeated by one vote in the State Senate on April 21.

Brent e-mailed this morning to highlight Alan Cowell's "For Blair, Iraq Issue Just Won't Go Away:"

But on Sunday, Iraq came back to haunt him yet again in a newspaper article suggesting that he had committed himself to an American plan for "regime change" months before he told either Parliament or the people that British participation in the American-led invasion was all but inevitable.
The article could further damage Mr. Blair because his opponents may use it to renew their assault on his trustworthiness, reviving the argument that he secretly promised President Bush to support the invasion of Iraq.

There are probably other articles in the paper worthy of note but, as Kara pointed out, after you read the PBS article, it's hard to focus on anything else.

We'll do an entry with your thoughts on PBS tonight. Fingers crossed, we'll also begin offering the contributions of a member tonight that required my learning (or trying to) some new software last night. Also Ruth may have a Morning Edition report this evening (as most members know, one of her sons got married last week and she took time off to focus on that).

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