Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Brian Becker

Brian Becker from Hanoi.

  1. NY Times & White House Press Corps bitterly complaining that they have to sit w/ other reporters here in Hanoi & that hosts make them “get coupons” for free Vietnamese food at media center. It’s all very “brutal” here as you can see from the photo
  2. I meant “White House” not “White” Press Corps. Sorry, Freudian slip
  3. Imperial media coverage is surreal. The NY Times is complaining that “communist” authoritarians are requiring journalists to get “special” credentials before entering International Media Center in Hanoi
  4. From Hanoi: 36 years & 2 months ago Nixon massively bombed this city. Yet Hanoi defeated Pentagon war machine. Millions died to make Vietnam independent. Now the US is “friends” with Vietnam. Can someone please tell White Press Corps that America does not own Vietnam
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    Loud & Clear is excited to present a special interview with Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza. Loud & Clear producer Walter Smolarek traveled to New York on Sunday to conduct the interview at Venezuela’s diplomatic residence in the city
  6. I’m in Hanoi covering the Kim-Trump Summit. Big takeaway for the sobbing, vapid “free press” is that the North Koreans selected their own hotel accommodations in a secure setting. Peace for Korea vanished as the “issue” as western reporters focused on their own lodgings. Ugh!