Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Still A Thrill (Jody Watley)

Jody Watley's "Still A Thrill." "Jody Watley. Happy Music Anniversary 32 to My Solo Debut" -- 32 years ago (and three days), Shalamar's Jody Watley released her first solo album (JODY WATLEY).  It remains a dance classic.  Nine classic cuts.  The album  contained the hits "Looking For A New Love," "Still A Thrill," "Don't You Want Me," "Some Kind Of Lover" and "Most Of All."  The album is a dance classic and dance music and videos have been hugely influenced by Jody.  I liked that "Still A Thrill" was the second single because it was not the obvious follow up ("Some Kind Of Lover" would have been the most obvious follow up).   She's using her lower range (very effectively) and the song throws down.  Jody's a one of kind artist and a very sweet and dear person.    If you like dance music, you probably already have heard JODY WATLEY but, if you've somehow missed the album, make a point to check it out.  It was her work on this album that led to her being awarded Best New Artist at the Grammys.