Monday, February 25, 2019

🔥Truth Bombs🔥 Comic Relief & Insiders Speak Out

From David DeGraw:

The new report was covered on TV news... Thank you Lee Camp! The only person on TV who actually reports on the largest corruption scandal in history...

HOW IS THIS NOT NEWS: As Trillions Unaccounted For, Record Number of Whistleblowers Silenced

Over a time frame when DoD audits reported $8.58 Trillion ($8,582,000,000,000) unaccounted for, the DoD Inspector General substantiated only 7 out of over 1300 whistleblower complaints received. "HOW IS THAT NOT NEWS?"
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Here's a 38-second 🔥Truth Bomb 🔥outtake: on Twitter Here and on Facebook Here.

Here are two graphics featuring quotes from high-level insiders who have blown the whistle...
#1) "THERE IS NO OVERSIGHT!" Ron Foster, Head of DIA Inspector General Investigations, fired without warning for blowing whistle on IG who shutdown investigations. "Laws assume Inspector Generals are good guys. What happens when they are bad guys?"

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 on Twitter Here and on Facebook Here.
#2) “Key officials retaliated against whistleblowers, destroyed permanent records and ALTERED AUDITS under political pressure.” - John Crane, Office of the DoD Inspector General, retaliated against & fired for blowing the whistle.

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As crazy as the political environment is, I never imagined that this much evidence on extremely shocking systemic corruption would be ignored by so many people.
Even people who passionately care about political issues seem to be just glossing over it for whatever topic the mainstream media happens to be focusing on / distracting everyone's attention to.
How can otherwise politically savvy people be so reactionary?
Where is the strategic thinking?
This issue is the root fundamental systemic core to the corruption that is destroying our government.
Please have people read these two reports; it's all there:
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Thank you for being aware enough to be reading this right now.  The world needs you!

None but ourselves,
~ David
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