Friday, March 01, 2019

Some Tweets from Sharyl Attkisson

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    A Citizen Suing the Needs More than Just A Winning Argument. ***RT if you think DOJ should stop using your tax $$ to defend the govt. computer intruders.*** Thank you Thomas Lifson
  • I am ashamed of the Republicans for allowing our president to be beaten up on a daily basis and not lifting one stinking finger to stop it!
  • WATCH: North Korea is disputing President Trump's account of why the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un collapsed.
  • This should make your day a little happier.
  • More original reporting in store for you Sunday Where to watch:
  • VOTE NOW: New poll at re: Michael Cohen's testimony. (See sidebar.) Last poll results: A plain old (non-"smart") watch: I don't own one: 17% I own one but never wear it: 22% I sometimes wear one: 15% I frequently wear one: 46%
  • "Four people spoke with McClatchy on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of information shared by their foreign intelligence connections. Each obtained their information independently from foreign intelligence connections.
  • Makes ya wonder who some of these anonymous ppl are who have provided false info to reporters for 2+ yrs. Like the ones who insisted Trump's lawyer went to Prague, as the anti-Trump "dossier: claimed. (cont)
  • Do you think there are any parallels between Israel Prime Minister about to be charged by his govt. with crimes, and simultaneous investigation of President Trump in US? Discuss...
  • I actually, literally, accidentally did that on my way back from a shoot in Tampa, Florida driving a news vehicle in a rainstorm in 1986. Too.
  • Respectful Insolence is well known, by the few who know it, as a propaganda site. Dr. Zimmerman confirmed my reporting and criticized other media reports that misreported his information. (But you can't blame the propagandists for trying!)
  • My husband: "I did that on purpose."