Thursday, May 12, 2005

Colorado IndyMedia back in the fray, Help Wanted !

Good news that we'll post in full. Please click this link if you're able to help:

After nearly two weeks offline, the ColoIMC website is back, and seeking new blood...
10 May 2005, Denver, Colorado

After nearly two weeks offline, volunteers have successfully brought back the colorado indymedia website, and volunteers hope to draw new energy and life into the rapidly growing and vibrant community of correspondents.
The site was defaced on the 28th of April, one of nearly 30 indymedia sites defaced in what appeared to be a series of attacks that took IMCs all over the world offline- some for only a few hours, some are still offline. The attacks and subsequent restoration operations brought together volunteers from all over the globe to assist one another in recovering from the damage, in an example of goodwill and cooperation that demonstrates one aspect of the power of the indymedia movement.
The defacements also prompted most sites (including Colorado Indymedia) to make improvements in security and design.The COIMC seeks correspondents to submit news and feature items, and volunteers knowledgable in web design to assist in brining in new design elements to the Colorado indymedia homepage.

We're thrilled that Colorado IMC is back up and hope you'll check your site. Congratulations to them and may they continue to carry on.

The e-mail address for this site is

The e-mail address for this site is