Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ruth's Morning Edition Report

Ruth: Today I want to focus on an easy chuckle because sometimes we all need one. On Morning Edition today [Monday] we had Cokie Roberts making her usual appearence:

Political Wrap: Filibuster Debate

Morning Edition, May 9, 2005 · News analyst Cokie Roberts discusses the confrontation expected this week in the Senate over the filibuster. Republicans are threatening to change Senate rules so that a simple majority could stop debate on a judicial nominee. Currently, 60 votes are required. Democrats are threatening to bring Senate work to a halt in response.

Cokie does her usual slippery commentary. I will say that Steve Inskeep does ask questions, for a change. But she still gets away with a few dubious claims.

That's nothing suprising, that's Cokie.

Cokie: There's no debate in the Constitution on this . . . so you can't go back to the founders on it except colonial legislatures did have unlimited debate so it's possible that when they said the Senate should advise and consent they knew they could talk it to death.

Talk it death? Old windbag Cokie may have found a subject she can "analyze."

Also don't miss her pleased with herself chuckle when Steve speaks of her expertise.