Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sunday night on The Laura Flanders Show

Sunday night on The Laura Flanders Show (Air America radio show):

Sunday 7-10pm est
They lied to us and we've got proof.
Hear Molly Ivins rip on the Downing St. Memo on fixed facts for war. That and more thoughts about the political animals running amok in Washington. Molly is the author of "Who Let the Dogs In? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known". Scott Parkin, member of the group Houston Global Awareness tells Laura how his group hopes to "blow the whistle" on Halliburton later this week. Then, a movie on the personal costs of war - to soldiers. Director Patricia Foulkrod of "The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War" plays excerpts and joins a discussion about revelations from the latest conscientious objector cases.
And check out this great
Social Security benefits calculator: see what W's reforms will do for you!

For anyone wondering about her upcoming event schedule, I've checked her web site, Laura and see nothing up yet (the most recent is yesterday, Friday the 13th).

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