Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Winding Road and Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude

Blogger's maintenance delayed Rebecca and Folding Star's posting yesterday. (There's an entry at the mirror site for The Common Ills that I'll transfer tonight.)

From Folding Star's A Winding Road:

The Committee is expected to vote this coming Thursday, barring any further delay. The Democrats, lead by an admirably vocal and resolute Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, could potentially delay the vote further in light of the fact that the State department has continued to deny the Committee vital documents pertaining to Bolton.
This denial is yet another slap in the face to Congress, which is an EQUAL branch of Government, no matter how much the Bush Administration would like to think otherwise. The Republicans on the Committee should halt the vote on principle alone until the documents are handed over.
But, as we've seen far too many times already, most of the Republicans in Congress are happy to relegate their branch of Government to a subservient position to Bush.
I was hoping that we'd see this trend among them begin to die out as Bush entered his second term. He's now a lame duck President, after all. He can't be re-elected and his poll numbers are so low that you'd think his party in Congress would begin making an effort to distance themselves as they face upcoming elections in 2006.
No doubt this will happen eventually, hopefully after a crushing defeat in those Mid Term elections.

Folding Star also notes the British memo, as does Rebecca:

i will note [. . .] that rob reiner has a post. and i'll note john conyers jr.'s post because that was my favorite of all the ones up:
After reading this article and the leaked memo, I immediately crafted a letter to the president asking him to respond, and asked all of my House Colleagues -- both Democrats and Republicans -- to join me in signing the letter. So far, 88 Members, but not a single Republican, have joined me in putting truth to power. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has been slow to pick up on this important story.
My own blog includes much additional information on the topic, including an audio of my discussion with Stephanie Miller on Progessive Talk Radio on the subject. It has been covered on the Web by independent sites such as Daily Kos, Raw Story, Brad Blog , Salon, Scoop Independent News, Progressive Democrats of America, and Atrios. Finally, on Thursday, the mainstream media, in the form of Knight Ridder, picked up on the disclosure and my letter. I need your help to encourage others in the media, be they tv, cable, newspapers, and radio to cover this momentous matter.
in the lost post, i'd commented on the memo that congressman conyers is blogging on. instead i'll just link to the sunday times of london and offer your a sample of it. if you're interested, please read it in full [. . .]

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