Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Conference Presenters for the Free Press' Media Reform conference this weekend in St. Louis, MO

The Free Press' National Conference for Media Reform currently has the following conference presenters listed:

Conference Presenters
Conference presenters will represent diverse perspectives on media policy issues and media reform activism. Speakers will include activists, academics, artists, policymakers, journalists, and leaders from various local, regional, and national groups. This list will be updated regularly. Confirmed presenters include:

Rana Abbas, American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, Federal Communications Commission
Amalia Anderson, League of Rural Voters
John Arnold, Wayne State University
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange
Frank Blethen, Seattle Times
Karen Bond, media activist
Wally Bowen, Mountain Area Information Network
João Brant, Intervozes, Brazil
David Brock, Media Matters for America
Sue Buske, The Buske Group
Michael Calabrese, New America Foundation
Ann Chaitovitz, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Rev. Robert Chase, United Church of Christ
Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy
Inja Coates, Media Tank
Jeff Cohen, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Lauren Coletta, Public Interest Public Airwaves Coaliton / Common Cause
Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America
Commissioner Michael Copps, Federal Communications Commission
Malkia Cyril, Youth Media Council
Lauren Glen Davitian, CCTV Center for Media & Democracy
Liza Dichter, Center for International Media Action
John Dunbar, The Center for Public Integrity
Harold Feld, Media Access Project
Saskia Fischer, Media Empowerment Project; United Church of Christ
Laura Flanders, Air America Radio [author, journalist]*
Bill Fletcher Jr., Trans Africa Forum
Linda Foley, The Newspaper Guild / CWA
Glen Ford, Black Commentator
Al Franken, Air America Radio, author
Des Freedman, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Eric Galatas, Free Speech TV
Susan Gleason, YES! Magazine; Reclaim the Media
Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News [Democracy Now!]*
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Peter Grant, Communications and Entertainment Law Group, McCarthy Tétrault
Robert Greenwald, Director; Outfoxed
Robert Hackett, Simon Fraser University
Marjorie Heins, Brennan Center for Justice - Free Expression Policy Project
Jim Hightower, Author; Commentator
Leonard Hill, Leonard Hill Films
Representative Maurice Hinchey, US Congress
James Horwood, partner, Spiegel & McDiarmid
Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Morgan Jindrich, Consumers Union
Linda Jue, Independent Press Association
Myoungjoon Kim, MediaACT (South Korea)
Gene Kimmelman, Consumers Union
Naomi Klein, Author, Activist
George Lakoff, UC Berkeley, author
Peggy Law, National Radio Project; MediaWorks
Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media
Sydney Levy, Media Alliance
Mark Lloyd, Center for American Progress
Stephen Macek, North Central College; Chicago Media Action
Jerry Mander, International Forum on Globalization
Bob McCannon, New Mexico Media Literacy Project
Robert McChesney, Founder, Free Press
Carrie McLaren, Stay Free! Magazine
R. Sean McLaughlin, Alliance for Community Media
Kembrew McLeod, University of Iowa
Sascha Meinrath, Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network
Ed Mierzwinski, U.S. Public Interest Research Group
Susanna Montezemolo, Consumers Union
Alyce Myatt, multimedia consultant
Garry Neill, International Network for Cultural Diversity
John Nichols, The Nation
Emmanuel Njenga Njuguna, Association for Progressive Communications, South Africa
David Olson, Cable Communications Director; City of Portland
Jeff Perlstein, Media Alliance
Carol Pierson, National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Chellie Pingree, Common Cause
Jonathan Rintels, Center for Creative Voices in Media
Tammy Ko Robinson, Video Machete
Luis Enrique Romero, APAGA
Randy Ross, Native Networking Policy Center
Nan Rubin, Community Media Services
Lisa Rudman, National Radio Project
Representative Bernie Sanders, US Congress
Representative Jan Schakowsky, US Congress
Graciela Baroni Selaimen, RITS, Brazil
Andrew Schwartzman, Media Access Project
Josh Seidenfeld, The SPIN Project
Rinku Sen, Color Lines magazine
Roanne Robinson-Shaddox, Native Networking Policy Center
Josh Silver, Executive Director, Free Press
Kavita Singh, Community Technology Centers' Network
Jeff Smith, Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy
Norman Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy [author]*
Nestor Soto, UPAGRA
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Third World Majority
Jerry Starr, Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Federico Subervi, The Latinos and Media Project
Makani Themba-Nixon, The Praxis Project
Karen Toering, Reclaim the Media
Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition
Pete Tridish, Prometheus Radio Project
Gloria Tristani, United Church of Christ
Tim Walker, Adbusters Media Foundation
Antwuan Wallace, Funding Exchange
Representative Diane Watson, US Congress
Adam Werbach, Common Assets
Celia Wexler, Common Cause
Granville Williams, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (United Kingdom)
Rob Williams, MEME films; acme coalition
Dr. Ernest J. Wilson, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Karen Young, Media Democracy

Chicago organizations are listed for identification purposes only.The conference program, including presenters, are subject to change.

Question/comment? E-mail conference AT freepress.net

For more information, visit the Free Press' web site for this conference. Also note that "*" indicates I've added something. Juan Gonzalez, as most members know, is also a part of Democracy Now! so I credited that. Laura Flanders is an author (and if Al Franken's going to be credited as an author and Flanders' isn't, I can imagine the e-mails that would come in on that). She's also a journalist so that was needed as well. Norman Solomon is also an author and I noted that. My apologies to members who think of others who should have additional credits. And certainly, some people, such as Medea Benjamin, could have a paragraph next to their names. Normally, I just copy and paste something like this but knowing how members feel about Laura Flanders I've added "author, journalist" (both of which she's more than earned) because with Franken (whom many members are not fond of to put it mildly) credited as an "author" but Flanders not being credited as such, I can imagine the e-mails that would pour in.

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