Wednesday, May 11, 2005

From Democracy Now: Antiwar NBA Player Steve Nash Named MVP, Beats Shaq

Joy and Brad both e-mailed to ask that we highlight one headline from today's Democracy Now! and both were apologetic. There's no reason to be. It does deserve noting when someone demonstrates bravery and when the person goes on to prove that speaking truth to power doesn't mean you're shunned it's also important to note that.

So from today's Democracy Now! Headlines:

Antiwar NBA Player Steve Nash Named MVP, Beats Shaq
And in sports news, the NBA has named Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns the league's Most Valuable Player, edging out the Miami Heat's Shaquille O'Neal. Nash has spoken out publicly against the occupation of Iraq. At the 2003 All-Star game, Nash wore a T-shirt that read, "Shoot baskets not people." When questioned about the shirt, Nash said, "I think that war is wrong in 99.9 percent of all cases." He went on to say that the invasion of Iraq "is more about oil than it is about nuclear weapons."

Again, it's important to note these things. So we'll let this be a stand alone entry.

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