Thursday, May 12, 2005

PROTEST: Halliburton Annual Shareholders Meeting

Billie highlights this from North Texas IndyMedia:

PROTEST: Halliburton Annual Shareholders Meeting by Diane Wood - CODEPink and 1919 Hemphill Wednesday, May 11 2005, 5:56pm

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Halliburton Office Main and 7th Street(Carter-Burgess Plaza) Fort Worth, Texas(FORT WORTH) – On May 18, in Fort Worth and Houston, a blast of whistles will blow to signal an alert to expose Halliburton’s crimes in Iraq. Protesters from Fort Worth will join in solidarity with protesters from Texas and around the country, who will rally and march outside the Halliburton Annual Shareholders Meeting in Houston. North Texas citizens will also be traveling to Houston. Actions will draw attention to Halliburton’s shameful actions in Iraq and demand that the company cease operations in that country.
The Fort Worth whistleblower protest will consist of a peaceful rally outside the Carter-Burgess Plaza, which houses one of the Fort Worth Halliburton offices. "Halliburton, with the help of its friends in the Bush administration, is making a killing off the death, destruction and corruption in Iraq," says Diane Wood, a representative of CODEPink Fort Worth and 1919 Hemphill.
"We're here to blow the whistle on Halliburton, showing that the company's shareholders have the blood of innocent Iraqis, U.S. soldiers, and even Halliburton employees on their hands. It's time for Halliburton to withdraw from Iraq and bring its workers home."
CODEPink is a women-initiated national grassroots peace and social justice movement. CODEPink Fort Worth is co-sponsoring this action. 1919 Hemphill is a local center advocating for a broad spectrum of peace and justice issues. For more information contact Diane Wood at (817) 800-4249, or Ramsey Sprague at (682) 556-0553.

This is an announcement so we're posting it in full and Billie hopes that other members in her area (DFW) will turn out for this. People in nearby areas, or who will be visiting the area May 18th can also turn out.

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