Monday, May 09, 2005

Noting Joe Biden from Douglas Jehl's NYT article this morning

"The real question here is how far did John Bolton stretch the truth or stretch the facts, regarding intelligence," Mr. Biden said Sunday on the CBS News program "Face the Nation." Mr. Biden said the panel needed the documents to learn more about whether Mr. Bolton, as under secretary of state for arms control, had sought "to push the envelope" in making public assertions about Syria, Cuba and other countries that were not supported by objective intelligence assessments.
In appealing the decision, Mr. Biden said in a letter to Ms. Rice on Saturday that the panel needed the documents to help determine whether Mr. Bolton's efforts "to make statements that went far beyond what the intelligence would support" should call into question his fitness to be United Nations ambassador.

That's from Douglas Jehl's "Rice's Reason for Withholding Bolton Files: A Chilling Effect" in this morning's New York Times. A number of you, including Greg, Erika, Tony, Lisa and Denise, e-mailed to note Biden's continued fight ("and lonely fight," as Denise noted).

Kyle: It just seems like Joe [Biden] is the only Democrat pushing on this issue so can we give him a nod?

Yes, we can. Biden is pushing on the issue. It does deserve noting.

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