Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews

We'll start with CBS's Face the Nation:

The Filibuster Fight; Bolton Nomination
Immigration, Iraq
Sen. Edward Kennedy
Democrat - Massachusetts
Elisabeth Bumiller
The New York Times
Colbert King
The Washington Post

Over at ABC's This Week:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

The partisan politics of Washington threatens to sink to a new level in the coming days. The Democrats are threatening to filibuster President Bush's judicial nominees and the Senate leader could invoke the so-called nuclear option. As the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman laments, extremists on both sides seem to be itching for a showdown. It's just a warm-up before the expected battle over the White House nomination of a Supreme Court justice or two later this spring or summer. And add to that mix the partisan sniping over John Bolton, the president's pick to be U.N. ambassador. We'll discuss all of it, along with the flare-up of violence in Iraq, the growing problem of military recruitment, Social Security and immigration reform, with the man who's still in the thick of conversation about a 2008 presidential run, Sen. John McCain.

Partisan nature? The down the toilet This Week wants to talk about partisan nature when the positions of the Senate will be explained by one senator who is a Republican? And the only other politician on the show is also a Republican? While "partisan politics threaten to sink to a new level," This Week's flying their fright wing flag. As if that's not bad enough Cokie Roberts returns for the roundtable. Why does ABC hate America!!!!

Joining her, as always, will be the mincing George Will. Paul Begela tags along.

Finally NBC's Meet the Press:

Egyptian Prime Minister
Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
British Broadcasting Corporation
Washington Post

Which one would I watch? I'll weigh in yet again with Face the Nation. Elite Fluff Patrol squad leader Bumiller will be on! Besides, there are rumors that seeing the face of Paul Gigot can induce madness. (Possibly Bumiller gazed upon it!) (And yes, both of the last two statements were jokes.)

All shows air on Sundays (hence "Sunday Chat & Chews"). Check your local listings for airtimes.

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