Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Pablo Paredes Puts the War on Trial" by lotu5

From San Diego IndyMedia, we'll note lotu5's "Pablo Paredes Puts the War on Trial." Here's an excerpt:

On May 11th, 2005, Pablo Paredes was found guilty of missing movement. The unauthorized absence charge was dismissed. Sentencing continues today, May 12th in the court martial. BUT, DURING THE PRE-SENTENCING PHASE...Marjorie Cohn made ABSOLUTE MINCEMEAT OUT OF THE PROSECUTION!

Click the link for more including testimony from attendees of the court martial.

For those who missed Democracy Now! today, from Headlines:

Iraq War Resister Pablo Paredes Convicted
In a special court martial proceeding yesterday in San Diego, a military judge convicted Iraq War resister, Navy sailor Pablo Paredes of one of two charges against him for refusing to redeploy to Iraq. The judge dismissed the second charge, saying it was duplicative. Paredes could get up to a year in jail. He faces sentencing today.
New Investigation Ordered in Army Resister Kevin Benderman's Court Martial

Meanwhile in Fort Stewart Georgia, the court martial of another war resister, Army Sergeant Kevin Benderman, came to a sudden halt yesterday when a military judge ordered a new investigative hearing for the soldier. The judge ruled that the investigating officer who recommended trying him in a general court-martial had compromised her impartiality in an e-mail to a military prosecutor.

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