Saturday, May 14, 2005

Topics and guests for The Laura Flanders Show and Ring of Fire

From the Air America homepage:

The Laura Flanders Show
Laura is back from the National Media Reform Conference in St. Louis and will tell us all about it. Then, what will W. do with Luis Posada Carriles? The confessed anti-Castro terrorist and long-time friend of the Bush family has surfaced in Miami and expects political asylum. Is there one law for our terrorists and another for the other guys? Journalist and author of "Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana", Ann Louise Bardach interviewed Posada for the New York Times in 1998 and knows all 856 terrorists and the skeletons in the Bush family closet. Then Kelda, a young singer-songwriter from Los Angeles starts her East Coast tour on our show.

Ring of Fire
Hundreds of American lawyers working pro bono to represent the detainees at Guantanamo Bay are finding themselves frustrated at every turn by the Bush Justice Department, despite last year's Supreme Court ruling that the detainees are entitled to habeus corpus hearings. Mike talks with Carlyn Kolker, who covered the so-called Guantanamo Bay Bar Association in her article "Justice at Bay" in the current issue of American Lawyer magazine.
The melding of religion and politics, curtailment of civil rights, flag-waving, fear, corporate control. Sound familiar? Bobby talks with Dr. Fritz Stern, an eminent European historian who sees ominous parallels between the United States under Bush and the Germany he fled in the 1930's. Dr. Stern is a Professor Emeritus at Columbia University who is widely respected across the political spectrum.
If it seems too easy to borrow money to build or buy a home, you're right. The hard part comes later, when they foreclose on your house. Mike talks with Richard Lord, author of
"American Nightmare: Predatory Lending and the Foreclosure of the American Dream". Once again, the money trail goes right to the Oval Office, where the guilty parties are protected by their fat campaign contributions to the GOP.

I would gladly post who will be on Marty Kaplan's So What Else Is News? and on Kyle Jason's The Kyle Jason Show but they aren't mentioned on the home page and on their own pages at Air America, today's shows aren't mentioned. Kaplin's show airs from three to five (eastern time), followed by Ring of Fire from five to seven (eastern time), followed by Laura Flanders from seven to ten (eastern time) followed by The Kyle Jason Show which airs ten to midnight (eastern time). There is also nothing posted regarding Sunday morning's Eco-Talk or Sunday night's The Revolution Starts Now.

Bridget has a suggestion for Air America's weekday schedule that goes beyond repeating The Rachel Maddow Show after Mike Malloy each night:

I've suggested that her show be repeated immediately after Morning Sedition, cutting Jerry Springer to 2 hours. Springer may have good liberal credentials and intentions, but his show is so boring. I used to listen to AAR in the mornings, but have been switching to WAMU and RadioPower instead. Yes, Rachel Maddow's show, plus segments of it, should be repeated all day. She's terrific!

Maddow's show is a strong one and I'm sure many members will agree with her that the show should be on later in the morning. (Many of you are going to Air America Place and downloading the show later in the day.) Members are seeking out the show and Bridget's suggestion makes a great deal of sense. (Some members would argue, and I'd agree, pull Springer from that time slot and give the three hours back to Unfiltered with Maddow, Lizz Winstead and Chuck D.)

Rod writes in to say that Janeane Garofalo did an incredible job last night (on The Majority Report) discussing a number of topics and interviewing a variety of guests. He wondered why I didn't comment on it. Janeane Garofalo has done an incredible job (my opinion) all week but usually does that. As for last night, I didn't hear the show. I usually never miss an episode of The Majority Report if Garofalo's on but yesterday I had too much on my plate and did miss it. I'll try to make time (try, not a promise, weekends are always crazy) to check out the show at Air America Place and I see that they already have the broadcast in their archives.

Rod says it was a great show and I'm sure it was. Anyone who missed it, might want to check it out via Air America Place. And yes, we provide the link to that because a) it was supportive of Unfiltered and b) it allows listeners to choose which shows to listen and which ones to skip. (To answer Boyd and Oliver's questions/hunches.) They provide a real service at Air America Place.

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