Saturday, November 04, 2023

A Genocide Tax - Ralph Nader Radio Hour Episode 504

Free Palestine! National March on Washington Live Coverage

Being Green / I'm Still Waiting - Diana Ross live At R.A.H.- London- 1973-

Diana Ross My Old Piano

JUDY COLLINS - "The Blizzard" 1990

America's Most Extreme Court Goes Completely Off The Rails

Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven (live vocal) - Top Of The Pops - 13/09/1990

Craig Mokhiber on UN's failures in Palestine and why he quit

Water (Cherise)

Diana Ross On The Tonight Show 1973

Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together (Live from Vienna)

‘Stop Killing The Children’: Award-Winning Journalist's Desperate Plea Amid Israel-Hamas War

Roberta Flack - Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer (1973)

A Conversation with the Legendary ANN MARGRET

Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song For Me (You Lied) (live) - It's Lulu - 08/08/1970

Saturdays w Renee -- George Santos charges, both-siding Gaza, etc

Xela - Waterfalls (Official Music Video)

We're Calling Congress to Demand a Ceasefire in Gaza—You Should Too! | The Leftist Mafia

Dolly Parton - Why'd You Come In Here (Video)

Icon Dolly Parton | "Person to Person" with Norah O'Donnell


Naomi Klein on what she sees in "the mirror world"

Dionne Warwick - live club concert 1964, full show, HQ


Fiona Apple - Sessions at West 54th (Live in New York, 1997)

Why the Middle East Conflict Means “Off the Charts” Threat Levels in U.S. | Amanpour and Company

Now That There's You (Valerie Simpson)

Boston Interfaith Rally Urges Senators Warren & Markey to Support Gaza Ceasefire

Call My Name | Jordin Sparks


The Black Commentator - Cover Story: Who’s Really To Blame for America's Gun Problem? Nov 2, 2023 - Issue 976

 The Black Commentator Issue #976 is now Online

November 2, 2023

Read issue 976

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Love Me (Diana Ross)

Vijay Prashad On The Genocide Committed Against The Palestinians By Israel And The Collective West

Andrew Bird - Left Handed Kisses (ft. Fiona Apple) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

US Backed Genocide - Burn It Down with Kim Brown - Friday Edition!

sahn- better with you (official video)

Give The People What They Want! Israel's genocide in Gaza continues


Aimee Mann - That's Just What You Are

November 2023 Issue DRUM CORPS WORLD


Leela James - Whatcha Done Now (Official Music Video)

Can a Biden/Harris Ticket Win Against Trump? MAGA isn’t Done Yet… Karen Hunter & Rachel Bitecofer

Do you believe Suge Knight - AREVA MARTIN IN REAL TIME

The Untold History of Black-Palestinian Solidarity


Friday, November 03, 2023

Need A Laugh? Trump’s ‘Free Woke-Free College’ Idea Should Do The Trick


Reclaiming Birth: The Movement for Safe, Reverent, and Equitable Maternity Care in America


Bioneers Pulse – updates from the Bioneers Community


The overturning of Roe v. Wade and the subsequent rise of state laws that severely restrict or outright ban abortion represent a dramatic slide backward in reproductive rights and the progress gained through decades of advocacy and organizing. Amid the anger and fear created by this new reality, there is also a vibrant movement fighting to ensure equality in reproductive and maternal healthcare and advance legislation to codify abortion rights. 

In this newsletter we're shining a spotlight on the ongoing struggles and victories that are shaping the future of reproductive health and the evolving conversations surrounding maternal care and reproductive justice.

Read on to explore movements for safe and equitable maternity care in the U.S., abortion access in Indigenous communities, Black reproductive justice, and one candidate’s effort to reframe the political debate on abortion.

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Reclaiming Birth: The Movement for Safe, Reverent, and Equitable Maternity Care in America

Leseliey Welch and Indra Lusero are parents and birth justice advocates who are helping lead a movement to create community birth centers across the nation. To help address the maternal and infant mortality crisis, they’re realizing a vision in which  midwives become the leaders in reclaiming the normal physiologic process of birth. In this article, learn why they think these birth centers provide racially and culturally-relevant care founded in safety, love and trust.

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Britt Gondolfi thought she’d always be anti-abortion; now she wants to reframe the debate

“I would pray that people not forget women in the South. We’re not a lost cause.”

After growing up in a religious household and believing she would always be against abortion, Britt shares what changed her mind and led her to run a political campaign that championed the right to choose. 

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Black Reproductive Justice: Black Birthing Spaces and Support Could Be the Key to Maternal Health

“It’s very beneficial when you have a doctor that knows a lot about your race; she knows the circumstances and things that can go on just within the culture of your body, things that could happen.” - Shaquyla Baker

In the United States, pregnancy and birth among people of color suffer from far worse outcomes than in the rest of the population. Black people in particular find themselves consistently at the mercy of a system of care dominated by white, male medical practitioners that is insensitive to their needs and that results in far too many life-threatening failures. This article is part of Dreaming Out Loud, a media series written as part of the Bioneers Young Leaders Fellowship Program.

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What We're Tracking

  • Indigenous Communities Navigate Abortion After Roe | “When you add in the rates of violence and the complete gutting of tribal governments’ abilities to respond, you have a real dangerous recipe in which Native women have a lack of reproductive health.”
  • Inside the Underground Abortion Pill Network | A new documentary called Plan C shines a light on the urgent work being done by a network of reproductive justice activists to get abortion pills into the hands of those who need them.
  • A Brief History of Birth Control | Learn about the first methods of birth control to today’s latest updates, and everything in between.

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Through engaging courses and conversations led by some of the world's leading thinkers, doers, activists and practitioners in a wide range of fields, Bioneers Learning and Community Conversations equip engaged citizens and professionals like you with the knowledge, tools, resources and networks to initiate or deepen your engagement, leading to real change in your life and community.

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Fibershed Symposium 2023

Our friends at Fibershed invite you to their 2023 Symposium, “Relationships of Change,” on Friday, November 10. This year’s Symposium will feature those working on critical issues of fossil fuel divestment from textiles and fashion, garment workers’ rights, and new laws aiming to internalize the costs of our textile ‘waste’ while catalyzing fundamental shifts in material choice and design. For in-person attendees, the Fibershed Learning Activities Showcase will feature a range of hands-on educational activities for families and fiber enthusiasts.

We encourage you to attend and explore the interdependence of our textile system and listen, share, and learn alongside a variety of voices and experiences in our fiber system.

Fibershed Symposium Details

  • Friday, November 10, 2023
  • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Join in person in Point Reyes, Calif., or virtually
  • Learn More

Fibershed is a nonprofit organization that develops equity-focused regional and land-regenerating natural fiber and dye systems. Fibershed’s work expands opportunities to implement climate beneficial agriculture, rebuild regional manufacturing, and connect end-users to the source of our fiber through direct educational offerings.


Gratitude Revealed: Impact Gratitude

RSVP for a special free on November 16 at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET event focused on how gratitude can not only help us to find happiness but also to have an impact on saving our environment. Louie Schwartzberg (Fantastic Fungi), Paul Hawken, Bruce Lipton, Eriel Deranger and mediator and founder of The Climate Boot Camp, Michael Linn will host a special Q&A to follow the virtual screening of the film Gratitude Revealed.

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