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Aaron Mate risks bed bugs as he embraces Hersh and Gerth

Seymour Hersh has been all over everything of late.  Apparently, none of the videos have been put up by me here.  That's bothered one e-mailer who notes that Katie Halper's had him on so surely I'll include that clip here.


I did see the Katie Halper clip -- see that it was on YOUTUBE, didn't stream it -- and did make a deliberate choice not to put it up here.  Before that, I don't know if it was deliberate so much as there were other things to note.  

Katie and others can note him.  That's fine.  

But I feel very with Coretta right now.  I don't know why.  She's been in a ton of dreams lately advising me.  Which is not me saying, "Coretta Scott King is speaking to me from the grave!!!!"  It's me saying that I'm in a difficult position -- a quandary --  and someone I knew and loved is being used by my subconscious to work through it. 

With regards to whatever Sy writes, he was told to write it.  He does stenography for elements of the government very well.  And sometimes he writes fact or something approaching facts and sometimes he's caught pimping something that blows up in his face.

Elements of the US intelligence community know that they can use him and they do.  And he knows that he can feed them as well -- it's a two-way street with him.

Which might make some admire him but I don't.  

Snitches get stiches?

Isn't that supposed to be the rule?

But Sy has snitched on everyone -- he's a one man McCarthy Committee and the eager to testify witness.

He trades anything he hears on anyone to the government in return for what they trade to him.


I'm not calling him CIA.  Oliver Stone thinks he is and I can see why.  But as someone who's seen copies of their own government files, he's referred to (unnamed) as a source in my files, not as an agent.  He gladly traded information on me to get information.  We knew he was a snitch.  We suspected, I should say.

Joan Baez hates Coretta and me to this day for walking out on her 'action' but we didn't believe too strongly in it to begin with and we didn't like the way Sy was hovering around it.  Past experience with his being around led us to believe he was reporting to the government.  (Again, this is confirmed because we -- and others -- had deliberately began feeding him intentionally wrong information.  He was the only one fed certain 'errors' by me and he's there as the unnamed source in my government papers.)

As I wind down my days, it's not my job to promote someone who deliberately stabbed me and others in the back, who made a point to try to worm their way in so that they could snitch on us.  And if he'd do that to peace activists, imagine what he'd do to others.

THE NEW YORKER has several problems with him including his -- let's say 'over-interest' -- in the reports of others at the magazine -- specifically, in their sources.  Some felt his interest went beyond curiosity and that he pursued the matter with a zeal.  Could be.  Could be he was trading -- or attempting to -- Guantanamo sources to the government for more 'scoops.'

He's not a good person.  And I'm not going to amplify him.

Again, I'm not saying he's lying in his latest 'scoop'.  

I'm sure he was fed what he typed.  

Doesn't make it true.  Doesn't make it false.

If he's all over YOUTUBE, I would assume that he's getting more than enough coverage and if what he's written is accurate, it will be noted by others.

Snitches are supposed to get stiches, not glory.  And they certainly won't get my praise.

Now with Sy's friend Jeff Gerth, it's a different story.  I do think you're stupid.  Excuse me, I think you're f**king stupid.  Why would you reward a racist?

Aaron Mate and THE GRAY ZONE are slobbering over Jeff because he wrote an article for COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW.  That is rare.  It's much more common for Jeff to be the subject of a CJR report -- specifically one calling out his work.  And for good reason.

Do you know the play YELLOW FACE?

Probably not if you're dependent upon White media for White people that cover White topics.  From the Dramatist Play Service, here's a summary of the play:

The lines between truth and fiction blur with hilarious and moving results in David Henry Hwang’s unreliable memoir. Asian-American playwright DHH, fresh off his Tony Award win for M. Butterfly, leads a protest against the casting of Jonathan Pryce as the Eurasian pimp in the original Broadway production of Miss Saigon, condemning the practice as “yellowface.” His position soon comes back to haunt him when he mistakes a Caucasian actor, Marcus G. Dahlman, for mixed-race, and casts him in the lead Asian role of his own Broadway-bound comedy, Face Value. When DHH discovers the truth of Marcus’ ethnicity, he tries to conceal his blunder to protect his reputation as an Asian-American role model, by passing the actor off as a “Siberian Jew.” Meanwhile, DHH’s father, Henry Y. Hwang, an immigrant who loves the American Dream and Frank Sinatra, finds himself ensnared in the same web of late-1990's anti-Chinese paranoia that also leads to the “Donorgate” scandal and the arrest of Los Alamos nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. As he clings to his old multicultural rhetoric, this new racist witch hunt forces DHH to confront the complex and ever-changing role that “face” plays in American life today.

I don't praise Jeff Gerth and never will.  He's a lousy reporter and he's never made up for what he did to Wen Ho Lee.  Because he says something I agree with now, I'm going to drop his history and embrace him?  No.  No, I will not embrace him, I neither need nor desire bed bugs.

While Aaron Mate slobers over Gerth's knob, let's drop back a few years for this from Lowen Liu's report for SLATE:

On March 6, 1999, the New York Times published an explosive report by James Risen and Jeff Gerth that a spy at Los Alamos National Laboratory had given U.S. nuclear secrets to China, including the design of the most advanced American warhead, the W-88. The story reverberated in the halls of the Capitol, where Republican leaders had long been trying to pin the Clinton administration for ignoring the dawn of a new cold war. The unnamed spy was described as “Chinese-American.”

Two days later, before any arrest or charges had been made, the Times identified the suspect as Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwan-born scientist, and reported he’d just been fired from the lab. The original story had forced the FBI into a rushed interrogation of Lee, in which an agent threatened Lee by comparing him to the Rosenbergs; Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, desperate to prove his department was not as hapless as it seemed, directed that Lee be fired without review. Intelligence official Notra Trulock, a central figure in the original Times story, would later say that it was Richardson who had leaked Lee’s name to the press. Lee was the only suspect under investigation.

In the months that followed, no charges were brought. Dozens of agents descended on Los Alamos, New Mexico, to prove what had become accepted fact in Congress and in the public eye: that Wen Ho Lee had betrayed the country he was a naturalized citizen of, and in the worst possible way. He’d given China the keys to the destruction of the United States. When in December Lee was finally arrested, he was charged not with nuclear espionage, for which there was no evidence, but with 59 counts of downloading restricted data to unrestricted systems. Prosecutors told the court that the knowledge Lee possessed threatened the safety of every single American, and he was placed—before trial—into 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement, shackled for his one hour of exercise. To prevent him from passing secrets, he was forbidden to speak in Mandarin during family visits.

Nine months later, in September 2000, Lee pleaded guilty to one felony count of mishandling data and was released. Thus ended, at least officially, the 18-month fiasco that exposed an American security apparatus as both too vulnerable to political influence and too unchecked in its investigative and prosecutorial abilities, all in the name of the national interest.

It can be easy to forget the enormity of the Wen Ho Lee debacle. Nearly every assumption the government made—that China had acquired a miniature-warhead design through espionage, that Los Alamos had been its source, and that it had done so using intel from a “master spy”—was refuted by the facts. After Lee’s release, the New York Times conducted an internal investigation, detailing what “we wish we had done differently” in its one-sided and sensationalist stories but retaining a defiant tone that disappointed critics who believed the paper had stoked the entire ordeal. (In 2006, Lee would receive a settlement from the government and several newspapers including the Times for the leaking of his name.) The federal judge, in releasing Lee, offered an extraordinary and emotional apology, firing a salvo at the executive branch for drumming up the case and causing “embarrassment to our entire nation and each of us who is a citizen in it.”

As purely a story of government overreach and journalistic malpractice, the Wen Ho Lee case is worth revisiting. 

"Journalistic malpractice."  That's who Aaron Mate is praising.  Not getting it yet?  Maybe you're as dense as Aaron Mate.  From September 15, 2000, here's Kate Randall (WSWS):

The collapse of the government's case against Lee marks the end of a shameful episode of government witch-hunting and persecution of the Taiwan-born nuclear scientist. An examination of the background to the case provides a telling exposure of the American political establishment in which no segment emerges unscathed—from the Republican right wing, to the Clinton administration and the Democrats, to the liberal media led by the New York Times.

The vilification and scapegoating of Dr. Lee had their origins in the politically motivated campaign by right-wing opponents of the Clinton administration. It grew out of the many-faceted Republican dirty tricks operation aimed at destabilizing Clinton, which culminated in the investigation headed by Kenneth Starr and the impeachment crisis. This political vendetta against Clinton converged with Republican opposition to Clinton's policy on Chinese-US relations, an issue that generated sharp divisions within US ruling circles.

Secret congressional hearings chaired by Republican Congressman Christopher Cox were convened in the autumn of 1998 into allegations of Chinese espionage at US nuclear facilities. Leading up to this, Republicans in Congress had been calling for the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate allegations that the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign accepted contributions from China. The Republicans implied that a link existed between alleged Chinese donations to the Democratic campaign and Clinton's moves to normalize relations with China, as well as his administration's supposed reluctance to investigate Chinese theft of US nuclear secrets.

The star witness at these hearings was Notra Trulock III, an Energy Department intelligence officer. Trulock fingered Wen Ho Lee, basing his suspicions of Lee on a document turned over to the US by a suspected US-Chinese double-agent, who claimed that China had stolen the secrets for the W-88, America's most sophisticated nuclear warhead.

Trulock at the time contended that the espionage he attributed to Wen Ho Lee threatened the lives of “tens of millions of people” and was “on a magnitude equal to the Rosenbergs-Fuchs compromise of the Manhattan Project information,” referring to the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were tried on charges of stealing atomic secrets and executed in 1953 as Soviet spies.

The Clinton administration conducted its own investigation, headed by former Republican Senator Warren Rudman, into the Department of Energy (DOE) Labs. This investigation concluded that Trulock and the FBI had singled out Wen Ho Lee—from among 500 possible suspects—because he was Asian-American and had traveled to China in the 1980s, under the auspices of the DOE. Rudman recommended that Trulock's office be disbanded and its responsibilities were turned over to the CIA. Soon thereafter Trulock resigned his position and went to work for the military contractor TRW.

In recent days the New York Times has expressed outrage over the treatment of Wen Ho Lee. On September 12 it published an editorial calling for an investigation into the prosecution of the Los Alamos scientist. A serious investigation is indeed called for, but one of its first items of business would have to be an exposure of the role of the New York Times itself.

The Times played a critical part in launching the spy scare and in witch-hunting Dr. Lee. This campaign began with a front-page article on March 6, 1999 headlined “Breach at Los Alamos: A Special Report; China Stole Nuclear Secrets For Bombs, U.S. Aides Say.” Serving to line up public opinion behind the Republicans' anti-Chinese and anti-Clinton propaganda, the Times contended that the White House had stalled in investigating the spying allegations “even though senior intelligence officials regarded it as one of the most damaging spy cases in recent history.”

The article claimed, “China has made a leap in the development of nuclear weapons: the miniaturization of its bombs, according to Administration officials,” and that in 1996 “Government investigators had identified a suspect, an American scientist at Los Alamos laboratory, where the atomic bomb was developed.” Times articles over subsequent days identified Dr. Lee as the chief suspect.

The Times' March 6 story served to legitimize the campaign against Dr. Lee and lend credibility to Notra Trulock, an ultra-conservative opponent of the Clinton administration who has written and participated in chat room discussions on the extreme right-wing web site “” “Freepers”, as they call themselves, were responsible for organizing a number of rallies in Washington in 1998 calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. It is worth noting that the initial Times spy scare article was published within a month of Clinton's acquittal by the Senate on charges laid the previous December by the House of Representatives in its impeachment vote.

This story was only the first in a series of pieces spanning 18 months wholesaling government charges against Wen Ho Lee and allegations of massive Chinese espionage.

The initial Times article was co-authored by Jeff Gerth, the reporter who during the 1992 election campaign wrote the first story on the Clintons' involvement in the failed Whitewater real estate development scheme. The 1992 piece marked the beginning of the media frenzy which led ultimately to the Clinton impeachment proceedings. Gerth's reporting on Whitewater was exposed as gossip and rumor-mongering in a 1996 book by Little Rock journalist Gene Lyons, Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater. Lyons revealed that much of Gerth's information was obtained from sources who had been paid by right-wing enemies of the Clintons in Arkansas.

Yeah, there's that too.  Whitewater.  And the whole Monica Lewinsky.  Also from WSWS, here's Patrick Martin:

The New York Times published the front-page story that touched off the China spy campaign and fingered Wen Ho Lee on March 6, 1999, less than a month after Clinton was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. The story, under the headline “China Stole Nuclear Secrets for Bombs, US Aides Say,” was the product of collaboration between reporters and federal prosecutors very similar to that which took place the year before in the launching of the Monica Lewinsky affair.

In the Lee case, as in the Kenneth Starr dragnet and Republican impeachment drive, the Times played a particularly vile role. During the Lewinsky scandal, the Times repeatedly came to the defense of Independent Counsel Starr and used its influence to legitimize the effort by right-wing conspirators to carry out a political coup. Similarly, in the China spy scare, the Times continued for months to publish lurid articles retailing unsubstantiated charges of Chinese nuclear espionage and promoting the legal persecution of Lee.

It's interesting though because, to prove he's not total garbage, Jeff Gerth often brags that THE NEW YORK TIMES tasked him with writing, in 1991, a report on the porn video titles that then-nominee for the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas viewed.  Gerth brags about that assignment and how he took it but refused to actually do it.  He didn't want to malign Clarence Thomas.

Yeah, he didn't want to malign Clary Thomas.  

But according to Aaron Mate, he's a great journalist.

I don't like whores and Aaron really has become a whore, hasn't he?

Basic GOOGLE skills would have informed him about Jeff's past.  But basic skills are clearly beyond Aaron Mate.

Now I don't hate stupid people.  I just don't feel stupid people should be hosting programs.  Stupid people who don't know anything and go around praising a Jeff Gerth for example.

I don't have to praise his report -- that I haven't read and don't plan to.  That's because I wasn't a stupid idiot who fell for for the lie that Russia elected Donald Trump in the first place.  We called that crap out here in real time, I called it out on campus after campus ahead of the pandemic.  

And I didn't need an article by Jeff Gerth to do so.  

Because I may not be the smartest but I'm also not stupid.  

Can Aaron Mate say the same?

Now you can have the crap ass Gerth on your program and you can even praise his CJR article.  I'll wonder about your taste and standards, but that's about it.  However, when you bring him on and praise his journalism, his work he's done in his career?  No, then you're just either a big idiot or a cheap whore.

I have no use for either.

Mainly because those kind of people have no use for facts.  They'll whine "identity politics" which is just their excuse for not giving a damn anytime some person of color is railroaded.  

The Republicans linked their charges of Chinese espionage and White House security laxness to their attempts to scandalize the administration over alleged campaign finance abuses. A central component of their agitation on this issue was the charge that the Democrats had accepted donations from Chinese nationals. In the China spy scare of 1998-99, Republican leaders suggested that Clinton was guilty of a treasonous quid pro quo with “Communist” China—political cover for Chinese spies in return for campaign cash.

The Times provided credibility to such far-fetched charges. On March 9, 1999, three days after it published the initial broadside by Jeff Gerth and James Risen charging Chinese theft of nuclear secrets at Los Alamos, the Times published an editorial citing the Gerth-Risen story and charging that the Clinton White House had refused to aggressively investigate Chinese spying. “The White House should have been especially vigilant,” the Times wrote, “because its handling of China was already under scrutiny by Congress after allegations of illegal Chinese campaign contributions in 1996.”

This was typical of the Times editorial page, which repeatedly denounced the Clinton administration for alleged laxness on nuclear security and attacked the Justice Department for refusing to allow the FBI to place a wiretap on Lee's telephone.

The Times would have us believe that it was guilty of nothing more than inadvertent lapses and omissions in its reporting of the Wen Ho Lee case. This, however, does not hold water. The notion that there was something accidental in the Times' reportage over an extended period of a major domestic and international political issue is not credible.

This is, after all, a highly experienced news organization with the closest ties to the political, military, intelligence and financial establishments in the US. Nor is it a question of a few rogue reporters. The Times made a conscious decision to slant the news and engage in a gutter campaign of character assassination. Its primary target was Clinton; Lee was part of the collateral damage.

There is nothing anomalous about the Times' record in the frameup of Wen Ho Lee. The newspaper's role as a media mouthpiece for reactionary forces in this particular case is consistent with its trajectory over the past eight years. Nor is it a matter of journalistic lapses. What is involved is a modus operandi.

The very “failings” which the Times' September 26 statement acknowledges in relation to the Lee case—failure to examine the political context, failure to adopt a tone of “journalistic detachment,” failure to investigate the politics of sources, failure to present a balanced view of the facts—pervaded its reporting on every scandal directed against the Clinton White House from Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky. The same unscrupulous methods that were employed to provide credibility to a right-wing conspiracy against an elected president were used to witch-hunt Wen Ho Lee.

The Times statement on its role in the Wen Ho Lee case is a cynical evasion. It does not begin to account for or explain the newspaper's actions over an entire period. Who made the decision to launch an anti-China spy scare? With whom did the Times editors consult and collaborate in mounting their attack on Lee? Who is Jeff Gerth, and what are his relations with the right-wing forces that organized the Whitewater provocation? These and many more questions need to be pursued.

But they never were pursued and, in a world of Aaron Mates, they never will be.

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Ohio Train Derailment Was a ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’

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Iraq snapshot

Friday, February 17, 2023.  A kidnapped activist has been released in Iraq, the DC nonsense continues trying to recruit and use their participants' histories as a tool, and much more.

We'll start with this from Jeffrey St. Clair's latest "Roaming Charges" (COUNTERPUNCH):

At nearly 9’oclock on the night of February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern freight train jumped the tracks as it was passing through the eastern Ohio town of East Palestine. More than 50 of the train’s 141 cars tumbled off the rails into a smoking jumble. Like most freight trains these days, it was hauling a load of toxic cargo. At least 20 of the derailed cars carried hazardous chemicals, five of them harboring highly poisonous vinyl chloride, a carcinogen used in the manufacture of plastics.

The train had left the St. Louis terminal yard earlier that day bound for Norfolk Southern’s Conway Yard in Pennsylvania, passing through cities, towns and fields, crossing creeks and rivers, rumbling by churches, schools and parks. The derailment was the fourteenth of the young year. Not bad by the standards of the US railroad industry, which has averaged 1700 derailments a year since 1977. But plenty bad enough for the 5,000 people of East Palestine and everyone living downstream or downwind from the crash site.

Two days after the wreck, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a preliminary report saying that the crash was likely caused by a mechanical issue involving the axel on one of the railcars, which had been seen throwing sparks for a least 20 miles before the train entered East Palestine. That may well have been an issue, but it was far from the only one.

For starters, despite carrying at least five toxic chemicals (vinyl chloride, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, butyl acrylate, ethylhexyl acrylate, and isobutylene) the Norfolk Southern train was not classified as “highly hazardous.” In fact, the first responders to the crash had little idea what kind of chemicals they were dealing with, most of which weren’t included on the train’s manifest.

The train itself was not fitted with electronically-controlled pneumatic brakes, a feature which many railroad safety experts say may have prevented, or at the very least, lessened the severity of the derailment. In the grand scheme of things, these brakes are not that expensive and could surely be written off on the railroad company’s taxes, assuming they pay any. (Norfolk Southern just reported $4.8 billion in profits for 2022, a record year.) But the railroad industry had been griping about regulatory over-reach since the Obama administration made the brakes mandatory on any trains carrying hazardous materials. None of the companies complained more shrilly than Norfolk Southern. The company soon found a sympathetic ear in the Trump administration, which rescinded the regulation less than a year after taking office.

So, why hasn’t the Biden administration reinstated the regulation, as Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has repeatedly urged? It’s been two years. According to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, his hands are tied. “We’re constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation,” Buttigieg tweeted this week. This is ludicrous. All that really constrained him was a 2015 law requiring a “cost-benefit analysis” of new regulations, the costs and benefits of which should be clear to everyone now.

But that was never the Biden administration’s intentions. As the Lever reported this week, Buttigieg’s department is currently working on a new rule that would further weaken train braking requirements. The responsibility for wreck is as much on Biden’s hands as Trump’s. The Department of Transportation’s crash statistics back this up. While derailments declined under Obama’s term, they’ve remained steady under Trump and Biden: 1204 in 2019, 1013 in 2020, 1020 in 2021 and 1044 in 2022. Both administrations weren’t just negligent. They were complicit.  (The Biden Justice Department actually filed a brief siding with Norfolk Southern against a suit brought by a sick railroad worker. The case is now pending before the Supreme Court and could end up shielding the company from future litigation, including any claims brought by the victims of the East Palestine disaster.)

Jeffrey's "Roaming Charges" goes up every Friday at COUNTERPUNCH and covers a wide range of topics -- above is just the opening.

Moving over to Iraq, AFP reports:

A leading campaigner for the preservation of Iraq's famed southern marshlands has been freed, two weeks after being kidnapped by unidentified gunmen, his family said on Thursday.

Jassim Al Asadi, 65, head of environmentalist group Nature Iraq, was seized on February 1 as he drove to the capital Baghdad on the main motorway from the south.

“Jassim Al Asadi has been freed from the clutches of his kidnappers,” his brother Nazem said.

Iraq's new prime minister insisted earlier this week that he would get Jassim released.  Now Jassim's released.  Only one outlet around the world has reported on the release so who knows whether or not government efforts helped free Jassim?  

Yes, the faux test in DC is coing up and it's bringing you 'anti-war' voices like the general.  

And 'anti-war' voices like Tara Reade -- well known for her erotic attraction to Vladimir Putin but not really known for speaking out against any war.  Tara works for Kim Iversen.  Kim's well known for her work on . . .  Well, she previously spoke at a rally against the war on . . . Well, golly, at her age, she's had to do something, right?

She's got to have something to her name, right?

Oh, yeah.  That.  From LGBTQ NATION:

Olayemi Olurin, the anchor of The Hill‘s daily news and opinion web series Rising, brilliantly handled two transphobic guests who repeatedly made excuses about why they should be allowed to deadname transgender actor Elliot Page without it being considered an offensive attack.

The discussion began by mentioning how right-wing commentators Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin had received Twitter suspensions for aggressively deadnaming the actor. Their tweets violated the network’s policy specifically forbidding “misgendering or deadnaming” trans people as a form of hate speech or harassment.

Olurin’s guests, Robby Soave and Kim Iversen, called the policy “crazy” and said, “I don’t understand that,” respectively. In response, Olurin asked, “Why is that any crazier than people changing their names? ‘Call me this. I prefer to be called by this.’ What’s the problem?”

Soave replied, “But to not even be allowed to acknowledge that you used to have a different name?”

Olurin then said, “What do you need to be able to acknowledge that for? What are you suffering? Where’s your harm? Where’s your compassion?”

Iversen said, “That person lived as a different person for a long time, decades. And so to say that suddenly we all have to pretend like those decades didn’t exist and that that person wasn’t that person for decades?”

Olurin asked, “Why are we pretending like that is what’s happening here?”

Iversen replied, “That is what’s happening!”

Olurin then explained, “It’s very simple. There exists a trans man now, Elliott Page. That is their name. That is the name they go by now. Their deadname is their deadname. They don’t go by that anymore. They find it dehumanizing or diminishing to their person to be called that. And that’s what it is. It’s not uncommon. People change their names all the time, and we use the different names that they go by. It happens.”

“Right,” Soave replied. “If somebody goes, ‘Well, who’s that?’ I’ll go, ‘Well, they used to be X.’ I would fill them in. But you can’t do that on social media because of this policy.”

Iversen asked, “Did you get banned from calling [the late musician] Prince ‘Prince’ when he changed his name to ‘Assemble’?”

Olurin answered, “It’s not the same. We are comparing apples and vegetables.”

When Iversen asked why it wasn’t the same, Olurin said, “Because it’s a trans person. The name, the deadname, reflects an identity, a person they do not recognize. They find it psychologically harmful to be seen that way. They have moved on.”

Iversen replied, “Well maybe Prince had moved on too. I mean, maybe he felt like being called ‘Prince’ too was dehumanizing.”

Visibly frustrated, Olurin waved her hands at the camera and said, “Go ahead. Go forth. Go forth smartly.”

And it was even worse to watch.  THE VANGUARD analyzed it back in July.

Kim's promoting the faux test rally and she had Chris Hedges on her program -- we're not linking to that garbage but I did find it interesting that she's using him as the trusted anti-war voice and she's bragging that he was with THE NEW YORK TIMES for over 15 years.

It was THE NEW YORK TIMES, after all, that sold the illegal Iraq War more than any other outlet.  Is Kim that stupid -- maybe she was counting on help from her assistant Tara Reade -- who actually is that stupid. And it was at THE NEW YORK TIMES where Chris penned the November 8, 2001 NEW YORK TIMES front page  story "A NATION CHALLENGED: THE SCHOOL; Defectors Cite Iraqi Training For Terrorism" -- which was exposed as fraudulent by Jack Fairweather's "Heroes in Error" (MOTHER JONES, March/April 2006).  That's the lie story that linked Iraq to 9/11.  It was written by Chris.  It was all lies.

She wants you at the protest and she just knows Chris is the voice to trust.

To excuse his collaboration with the reactionaries, Hedges offers political amnesty for his new allies. “The rally on February 19 is not about eliminating Social Security and Medicare or abolishing the minimum wage, which many libertarians propose,” he writes.

Hedges continues: “It is not a rally to denounce the rights of the LGBTQ community, which have been attacked by at least one of the speakers. It is a rally to end permanent war.”

And then comes Hedges’ melodramatic punchline: “Should these right-wing participants organize around other issues, I will be on the other side of the barricades.”

Using the word “Should” implies that there is some question about the intentions and policies of Hedges’ right-wing allies. In fact, the rally is being used by the political right to advance its reactionary agenda, and Hedges, despite his apologies, is serving their interests.

Moreover, it is entirely unclear when and under what political circumstances Hedges will decide to end the amnesty, break with the fascists and move to “the other side of the barricades.” The amnesty has no apparent expiration date.

Hedges writes: “We will not topple corporate power and the war machine alone. There has to be a left-right coalition, which will include people whose opinions are not only unpalatable but even repugnant, or we will remain marginalized and ineffectual. This is a fact of political life.”

What Hedges is clearly advocating is not a short-term tactic (which would be bad enough) but a long-term strategic alliance with the fascists. He explicitly declares that it is not possible to “topple corporate power and the war machine” without a “left-right coalition.”

There is a history to the promotion of such reactionary alliances with the extreme right. The most notorious example was the German Stalinists’ promotion, in the years prior to Hitler’s accession to power, of a “Red-Brown” coalition against the Weimar regime.

And what does Hedges attempt to achieve by sharing a platform with the right wing? In pursuit of what bold action plan is Hedges justifying collaboration with these reactionary forces?

He quotes from an email he received from another disoriented liberal endorsing the rally: “Because we urgently need as many voices as possible, from a broad variety of perspectives, to speak out so we can be much more effective at pressuring Congress and the White House to move this conflict from the bloody battlefield to the negotiating table.”

As is always the case, the most grotesque opportunism is employed in the service of the most pathetic and cowardly reformism. The “toppling of corporate power” will be achieved by begging the White House to see the error of its ways.

Time and again, they keep insisting that their faux test is for real and they keep insisting that their participants' history speaks for itself and time and again the histories do.

Chris Hedges: Created the false link between Iraq and 9/11 for THE NEW YORK TIMES

Scott Ritter (dropped out but is rumored to be  surprise guest): Three times arrested for pedophilia, sent to prison for it, forced to register as a sex offender for it; before that Ritter backed the sanctions on Iraq 

Fiorella Isabell: American working for RT who goes on the air 'reporting' "Russian intelligence has learned . . ."  Lies that we'd call out if someone on NBC said "American intelligence has learned . . ." ("Claims" -- that's the term unless you're a propagandist.)

We could do this all day.

Including with Tara Reade who has lost her support base as she's rushed to embrace Marjorie Taylor Green and other hate merchants.  She's destroyed her base and her reputation -- what it took Warren Farrell years to do, Tara's done in a mere matter of months.

THE VANGUARD addresses the faux test in their latest video.

The following sites updated:

How The U S Imposes Hegemony On Russia

Nikki Haley Promotes Pro-Hitler Pastor & World's Average Penis Size Grows | The Daily Show

Briahna Joy Gray: East Palestine Ohio Train DISASTER Caused By CORPORATE GREED; Media Is COMPLICIT

Jackée Harry on Marla Gibbs Asking What ‘WAP’ Means and Why She Can’t Date a ‘Normal Man’

P!nk: 'TRUSTFALL', Touring & Motherhood | Apple Music

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Jeffrey Epstein 'SEXTS' With Top JP Morgan Executive?! Brie & Robby Discuss NEW Unsealed Docs

Sanctions & the Earthquake, US’s UFO Shooting Spree, and Ohio Train Catastrophe

Black History, Bright Future

Does MMT End the "Debt Ceiling" Debate? (w/ Stephanie Kelton)

Michael Tracey slams "Rage Against the War Machine" / Secular Talk Subreddit Debates Marianne 2024


Indigenous Solutions for Climate Change in the North

Bioneers Pulse – updates from the Bioneers Community


In the circumpolar north, where temperatures are historically colder than in any other regions of the world, climate change’s effects have taken hold far more rapidly and dramatically than anywhere else. “Because Alaska is colder than most places, it’s melting faster than most places,” says Dune Lankard of the Native Conservancy. “The permafrost, the sea ice, the glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates.”

Melting glaciers and warming waters are having dire impacts on local economies and ways of life. The ecological health of these regions is also crucial to the overall climatic integrity of the entire planet. As we work to tackle climate change, we must pay close attention to the unique challenges faced by these northern regions and the vital work being done to protect and preserve them.

This week, we explore the effects of climate change in the north and Indigenous perspectives on how to change course while there’s still time.

Take a closer look at these essential bioregions (Subarctic Eurasia and Subarctic America) using OneEarth’s bioregion mapping tool.

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3 Indigenous Leaders Offer Solutions to Climate Change in the Arctic

Indigenous Peoples in the north have been feeling the disastrous effects of climate change for far longer than the rest of the planet’s population. According to NASA record sets, the Arctic is warming up to four times faster than the rest of the planet, disturbing terrestrial and marine ecosystems, destroying villages, and disrupting healthy ways of life. 

Innovative solutions to the climate crisis born from the ingenuity rooted in Native knowledge systems are emerging from the circumpolar north. In this conversation, leaders at the Native Conservancy, Indigenous Climate Action, and Native Movement share their strategies for addressing climate change in the policy, civil society, and economic sectors.

Read more.

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change: Report from the Arctic

“We came a long ways, we’re going to go a long ways together. For our children that’s not born today yet, and for our elders that’s not here today with us.”

Sarah James, the revered Gwich’in Elder from Alaska, who has won many awards for her work to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling, including the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, depicts how her people are being severely impacted on the front lines of rapid climate change, and how they are responding in this presentation.

Watch here.

Bioneers 2023 Conference Speaker Highlight: Indigenous Forum

The Bioneers Indigenous Forum serves as a platform for Indigenous activists, scientists, elders, youth, culture-bearers and scholars to share their knowledge and frontline solutions in dialogue with a dynamic, multicultural audience. The Indigenous Forum recognizes the vital role that Indigenous Peoples play in protecting the Earth and its resources and seeks to support their efforts to maintain their traditional ways of life, cultures, and values. Join us at Bioneers 2023 to take part in the Indigenous Forum.

Learn more.

The Steep Cost of Relocating an Alaska Community

“Unfortunately, we’re going to have to think about this type of work more and more in the coming years as we see the effects of climate change reach so many other communities.”

Melting permafrost, flooding rivers and shifting land have made Newtok, Alaska’s water and sewage systems unusable. The estimated cost to move the community nine miles up the Ninglick River is $120 million. The federal government has announced a $25 million grant and sees the move as a demonstration project for future rural Indigenous communities facing similar issues.

Listen here.

Rare Earth Metals: New Discoveries, Same Concerns

"The economy in Kiruna has relied on mining for more than a century, but new extraction activity will need to be balanced with other interests including preserving areas of natural beauty and safeguarding reindeer herding in the region by the Sami people, Mr. Hognelid said.”

The transition to clean energy and electric vehicles is upon us. The only questions are the pace of the transition and whether society can avoid making the same mistakes developing the clean energy economy as we did in the dirty energy era. Where and how we extract, process and (hopefully recycle and reuse) the mineral resources necessary for the electric age remains an enormous challenge. The new discovery of Europe’s largest known deposit of coveted rare earth metals brings these challenges to the sub-arctic region.

Read more.

Threshold Podcast: Cold Comfort

Season two of Threshold's podcast takes listeners on a journey to the Arctic. With the region warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, it's crucial that we understand its significance and the impact that it has on all of us.

Through this circumpolar journey, Threshold delves into the lives of the four million people who call the Arctic home and hear about their experiences with the effects of climate change. By traveling on various modes of transportation and visiting all eight Arctic countries, Threshold provides a comprehensive look at what is happening in the far north.

Listen here.

Bioneers 2023 Scholarship Rates Now Available

As you know, Bioneers is committed to making our events accessible to all. Our full-price registration is significantly subsidized below the true cost of producing the event, and we are so grateful to be able to offer ample further scholarship options to ensure that the event is as inclusive as possible.

In order to access our scholarship rates, simply register for the conference, and follow the instructions for scholarship support (you'll see our scholarships referred to as Student, Educator, Activist and Limited-Income Senior Rates). We ask that you sincerely consider what rate you register with, understanding that purchasing a ticket at a higher rate and/or donating to our scholarship campaign allows us to offer access to those who need the support.

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