Saturday, July 22, 2017

Iraq: political intrigue, violence and Nouri goes to Moscow

ALL IRAQ NEWS reports that Iraq's prime minister Hayder al-Abadi met with the Shi'ite militias today.

Afterwards, ALSUMARIA notes Hayder issued a statement insisting that the militas were part of the national security forces and it was the government's duty to protect them.

The government's duty to protect them?


What about the militia's duty?

It's supposed to protect the people.

Strange that Hayder feels they must be protected.

ALL IRAQ NEWS notes he also rushed to insist that the government is over the security forces.  This, no doubt, due to the statements of many militia leaders that they report to Iran.

On the Sunni end, there are also problems.  Wael Grace (AL MADA) reports that the Anbar provincial council voted Thursday to remove the governor from office and that Thursday also saw the governor of  Salah ad Din sent to prison on corruption charges.

That's two Sunni politicians.  A third one is also in the news.  NATIONAL IRAQI NEWS AGENCY reports that Osama al-Najafi held a political meeting on Friday stressing the need for unity and new solutions to address the suffering -- especially the suffering of those people displaced by fighting.

Staying with politics but dropping back to the Shi'ites, former prime minister and forever thug Nouri al-Maliki is in the news as well.

' provided support to Iraqi army, yet contributed to emergence of in the first place' - Iraqi VP

NINA notes Nouri is due to arrive in Moscow on Sunday.

NINA also reports an increase in kidnappings.  In other violence, ALSUMARIA reports a home bombing outside of Hit, a mortar attack in Diyala Province, a doctor was killed in his east Baghdad clinic, a bombing outside of Baquba left a military officer's wife dead, and a Radwaniyah bombing near a sports stadium left three people injured.

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    Dems put Stein's name in the mix to smear the left (Margaret Kimberley)

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      A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives Photo of Sojourner Truth in Harriet Tubman article.
    2. Dems put Stein's name in the mix to smear the left. Dems voting for Trump outnumber Green voters, but "resistance" says nothing about them.

    3. Senate didn't ask for information. Trump Jr. was asked if he communicated with  her. Quite different.

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      Important to remember when the Brits "abolished" slavery, they compensated the slave owners - not the victims.
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      I'm so mad right now! Never thought Putin would steal the election from Hillary by forcing Trump to marry soviet Yugoslavian women
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      The notion I communicated with Trump Jr is laughable. This whole thing is an obvious smear designed to generate a fake news feeding frenzy.
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      Unlike the Clintons, I don't hang out with Trumps. I've never been to a Trump wedding, never took Trump money, no secret Trump calls.

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      I have a doctorate in psychology. I learned about Frantz Fanon on Twitter. That tells you something about white supremacy in academia.

    11. This is why innocent people plead guilty in the U.S. every day. Our system is cruel. One of the worst in the world.

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      "Night of the Living Dead" - how are walking into rising seas, and how to stop it -
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