Saturday, January 05, 2019

Iraq -- still targeting women and girls

We've called out the fools who say that US troops must stay in Syria to protect the Kurds from Turkey.  Faith Hafiz Mehmet (BRINKWIRE) reports on the announcement from the Defense Ministry of Turkey that they have (yet again) bombed northern Iraq.  If only US troops were in Iraq . . . .



They are.

They are in Iraq and it doesn't make a difference and it hasn't made a difference so the next time some War Addicted Idiot starts insisting US troops have to stay in Syria to protect the Kurds from Turkey, grasp that they're lying.

Meanwhile, MENAFN reports:

The U.S. Army has prepared a sum of fourteen military bases for its ground forces in many parts of Iraq, containing the Iraqi Kurdistan region, media sources affirmed.
The Arabic-language al-Maloumeh news website quoted security specialist Safa al-Asam as stating that the U.S. has created 14 ground force bases in Iraq.

Again, US troops remain in Iraq.

ALJAZEERA typed the following:

A fire at a women's shelter in Iraq's capital has killed several lodgers, according to police, who gave conflicting accounts of the tragedy.
Mohammed Jihad, Baghdad's police lieutenant colonel, called the incident a "group suicide" caused by women rioting in the shelter on Friday.

Why are women in a shelter rioting?

Apparently, they weren't in a shelter, they were in a women's prison. Whether they rioted or not is not clear.  But MIDDLE EAST MONITOR reports:

In a statement to Anadolu Agency, Police Captain Ahmed Khalaf said that the prison – which was specifically for homeless female prisoners – experienced riots, though he did not elaborate on the cause of the disturbance. The riots then seem to have sparked a fire, causing an unspecified number of inmates to suffocate.
[. . .]
Iraqi security forces take all displaced or homeless people from the streets and places them in a prison, which is run by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

In addition, this prison also imprisoned women who had children but were not married.  How the hell do prisons like that exist in Iraq?

What the hell did Hillary Clinton do to help any woman in Iraq when Hillary was Secretary of State?  Not one damn thing.  And where has the media been all this time, ignoring what was taking place to Iraqi women?

In other news, noted product of War Criminal Dick Cheney, his daughter Elizabeth, attempted to trash Bernie Sanders.  Jessica Corbett (COMMON DREAMS) reports:

After Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.)—daughter of the notorious warmonger former Vice President Dick Cheney—attacked the so-called "fraud of socialism" in a "Trumpism-inflected" speech on the U.S. House floor on Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) clapped back with a reference to what has been called her father's "biggest lie."
"Really? I wasn't aware that it was 'socialism' that lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and got us into a horrific war that we should never have started," Sanders tweeted Friday, a clear reference to Dick Cheney's hand in misleading the American public ahead of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq that launched a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people—including, by some estimates, more than than 200,000 civilians.

The following community sites -- plus DISSIDENT VOICE, Jody Watley, PACIFICA EVENING NEWS and THE GUARDIAN (probably with an AP story) -- updated:

  • Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • You mean the kind of “hope” that expanded Bush’s wars from 2 to 8, empowering the likes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda and destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa even further than his predecessor?
  • Tens of thousands of hit the streets in France for the 8th week in a row today, undeterred by Macron’s Police’s tear gas, batons and water cannons. A big slap to the Paris elites and deceptive mainstream media which would rather see this movement crumble and die.
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    We must end US arms sales to Saudi Arabia. SA is carrying out a genocide of the Yemeni people using our planes, our bombs, our technicians and pilots that we trained. Air strikes have killed over 4,600 civilians. Starvation and cholera from blockades have killed thousands more.
  • With 75% of France’s citizens disapproving of him, perhaps it is time for Emmanuel Macron to stop lecturing Syria about how it should govern its affairs, pull his troops from Syrian soil and instead focus on addressing the legitimate grievances of his own people.
  • Hillary Clinton also paved the way for the bombing, destruction and partition of Libya, helping bring racist, slave-selling terrorists to power.
  • Does UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt have any “regrets” about his government’s ongoing support for Saudi Arabia’s genocidal bombing and starvation of millions of men, women and children in Yemen?
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    Even The WSJ is now admitting that the Obama administration allowed US-made weapons to “fall” into the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria. Yet, this somehow never became a scandal. But withdrawing US troops which are illegally stationed in Syria, 6,000 miles away from home, is.
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    Two years after Aleppo was freed from terrorists, beautiful to see Syrian children attending Catechism classes in peace at the Latin Parish of St. Francis in , .
  • “The reason why we’re in Syria is because of Obama and Hillary Clinton allowing the destruction of Libya by extremist, radical forces. This was the vehicle to get arms into Syria to increase pressure on the regime through Al-Qaeda terrorists.”
  • So John McCain, a man who championed the grossly misleading propaganda that led to the catastrophic wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, had a major hand in disseminating the lies of Russiagate too? Imagine my shock.
  • Obama and Hillary transferring billions in weapons to terrorists in Libya and Syria, empowering ISIS and Al-Qaeda, was no cause for international outrage. But the decision to bring home US troops which are illegally present in Syria is. Let that sink in.
  • Not as dark as the times when your abuses of power and warmongering policies brought so much suffering, death and destruction to millions of people all over the world.
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    “For too long, America has found itself involved in a growing set of conflicts without so much as a vote on the scope of American interventions.”
  • Children in Damascus come together to play music and sing for lasting peace all across Syria. Can’t think of a more beautiful way to welcome 2019. Happy New Year everyone.
  • The last thing we need are empty lectures about “change” from the man who oversaw the destruction of Libya, Syria and Ukraine, and brought on the world’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.
  • Not only has Saudi Arabia been bombing and starving millions of men, women and kids in Yemen for the last three and a half years, but now it is also sending children as young as 14 from Darfur to fight its genocidal war.