Saturday, January 19, 2019

Protesters have been shot at five times in recent weeks but throw a rock and suddenly it's 'violent'

In Basra, protests continued on Friday.  It's interesting, no links to liars, that some want to claim they "turned violent."  Some rocks injured a police officer.  Boo-hoo.  Where were you at the start of the week when the police shot into crowds again?  When they shot a protester in the back?  Where were you and your sudden concerns about violence.

No where to be found.  As usual in the US, outlets -- even those we think of as 'friends' -- half-ass their way and miss one story after another.

What were the protesters protesting on Friday?

The same things that they have been protesting all along with one addition.

They had a new call but you won't find that in any US press -- not even the 'independent' press.


Neben dem Ruf nach Beendigung der desolaten Wirtschaftslage in ihrer Stadt forderte die Demonstranten auch die Freilassung aller Demonstranten, die vor einigen Tagen bei Protesten in der Region "Ezzadin Salim" festgenommen worden sind.

The new demand is a call for the release of the protesters who were arrested earlier this week.

The same US outlets that ignore that demand ignored the arrest of the protesters earlier this week.  From the January 15th snapshot:

ALSUMARIA reports Basra Operations Command announced yesterday that they will be releasing protesters . . . shortly.  They insist that this is for the "protection" of the activists.  These protesters were demonstrating yesterday.  And "protection" included, apparently, also shooting one protester in the back.  That's at least the fourth time in recent weeks that Basra Operations Command have used "live ammo" on activists.   The third time was this past Friday.

Recent weeks have seen protesters fired on five times (the fifth was yesterday) and yet when a protester throws rocks suddenly it's "violent."  That tells you all you need to know about the bias built-in to these 'reports.'  They are not objective and they certainly are not fair.

Over at PBS, Saturday's NEWSHOUR included a report on the way the Iraqi government is failing the families of soldiers killed and failing soldiers who have been injured.

Meanwhile, at THE NATIONAL INTEREST, Daniel L. Davis argues, "America is not made secure by permanent combat deployments overseas."  From his essay:

The point should be painfully clear: the Middle East is a violent and chaotic place, and it hasn’t mattered whether American troops were engaged there or not—and the nature of the region won’t change after we leave. Amidst all of this chaos, however, the security of the American homeland was guaranteed by our overwhelming conventional and nuclear deterrent.
Continuing to keep tens of thousands of American military, contractor, and government officials deployed overseas in military occupations with no clear objective are not merely pointless, but they degrade our ability to protect the American homeland from potential existential threats that may arise.  
I have fought in large-scale tank-on-tank battles, traditional counterinsurgency fights, and foreign military training missions. I also served in Korea in the 1990s against the backdrop of a perpetual threat of large-scale battle, in Germany during the Cold War patrolling the East-West border between the Soviet Union and Western Europe, and served as the second-in-command of an Armored Cavalry Squadron.  

The long-term effects of detracting our operational and training focus away from preparing for peer-on-peer fights since 9/11 has unquestionably reduced America’s ability to fight and win major conventional wars. 

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    And yet, as Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton championed the backing, financing and arming of these very same terrorists in Libya and Syria.
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  • As a US Senator and then Obama’s Secretary of State, your warmongering policies have destroyed millions of children and families in just about every part of the world. Save us the crocodile tears.
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    During your failed presidential bid, one of your policies was to support Islamic jihadists attempting to overthrow Syria's secular government - the very policy that led to the rise of ISIS in the first place. You have absolutely zero credibility on the matter.
  • The only thing that emboldens ISIS is warmongers like Graham and his old buddy McCain who promote regime change wars that topple secular governments and replace them with head-chopping terrorists.
  • Reminder: Not satisfied with just spearheading the bombing of Libya back to the stone age and helping re-institute slavery, Hillary Clinton also pushed for the arming of jihadists in Syria—killing 560,000 people & forcing millions more to flee their homes.
  • Yeah. NATO’s dismemberment of Yugoslavia, destruction of Libya and destabilization of Syria, all of which created massive refugee crises that sent millions of people fleeing from their homes, definitely embody “successful”. 🙄
  • Israel just openly admitted for the first time that it has been arming the jihadists destabilizing Syria and terrorizing the Syrian people. And how many mainstream media outlets are reporting on this bombshell? None. They simply are nowhere to be found.
  • So let me get this straight: Just as the US withdrawal from Syria begins, ISIS shows up in Manbij, a city it was kicked out from two years ago, and kills at least 5 US soldiers. Can the warmongers who want to maintain the perpetual occupation of Syria be any less obvious? 🙄
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    Me crushing the narrative being pusehd right now about and the attack on our troops.
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    John Bolton’s long standing desire for regime change in Iran must be called out and shut down. If we’re serious about peace, we need to commit to diplomacy and be ready to meet with adversaries as well as friends.
  • That awkward moment when Obama sheds crocodile tears for Libya while still maintaining that his “humanitarian” intervention, which left the country spiralling into chaos and brought slave-selling jihadist militias to power, “was the right thing to do”.
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    Did this memo, sent to Hillary Clinton from Christiane Amanpour's husband, help kill half a million people in Syria?
  • Says the woman who has been a puppet of Wall Street and the military-industrial-complex throughout every stage of her political career, supporting every illegal war under the sun.