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US Senator Tom Cotton has a new book out, ONLY THE STRONG.  And its main purpose appears to be to make clear that THE GUARDIAN is garbage.  US citizen Lloyd Green writes their bad review -- as only a hypocrite who served in Poppy Bush's administration could.  

Tom Cotton is a hypocrite.  That doesn't surprise me.  Throughout his book, he apparently calls out various Democrats for things actions and words he ignores when they come from Republicans.  This leads Green to note, "He avoids substantive criticism of the Iraq war. Bush should be faulted for failing to 'dedicate enough troops during the early days', Cotton writes, without elaboration."

That is garbage but Lloyd overlooks when it comes out of the mouth of Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton or any other name Democrats who have elected to offer that as their defense for supporting the Iraq War.  That brilliant genius Bully Boy bush tricked them, misled them, lied to them, fooled them. 

I don't like Tom Cotton, should he run for president, I have no plan to ever vote for him.  But if I'm going to criticize him for being a hypocrite (and I don't doubt that he is), I'm not going to leave myself open to the same charge in what I choose to be indignant about. 

Meanwhile at The Atlantic Council -- a pro-war council -- retired US Army Colonel C Anthony Faff writes about Iraq's new government:

From the US perspective, the October 13 selection of Abdul Latif Rashid as president and Mohammed al-Sudani as prime minister may not bode well for the formation of an inclusive government or the strengthening of US-Iraq ties. The fact that the Shia Coordination Framework, which includes parties with strong affiliations to Iran, was able to exploit the government formation process to overturn the results of a popular election held in 2021 will undermine the Iraqi public’s already fragile faith in the political system. Moreover, the framework’s close affiliation with Iran-backed militias suggests a return to 2018-2019, when militias intensified malign activities, such as asset stripping, violent suppression of protests, extortion, and attacks on US forces. These conditions culminated in widespread protests in October 2019, where these same Iran-backed militias, as well as government forces, used violence to bring them under control.

It also does not help that Muqtada al-Sadr, who played an instrumental role in providing an alternative to the Iran-backed parties, has rejected participation in the new government. His ability to agitate and mobilize protests suggests that Iraq is headed for more instability and violence unless the new government finds a way to accommodate the Sadrist agenda. Even worse, the United States does not appear well-positioned to do much about it. Neither Iraq’s Iran-backed political parties, their militias, nor the Sadrists have much interest in anything but superficial ties with the United States. Given that they will be the dominant voices in Iraq for the foreseeable future, the United States could find itself with little room to engage.

So, on the surface, it would seem that US options are limited. However, by adopting an opportunistic approach that engages a range of Iraq’s stakeholders, the United States can create space for more constructive engagement. This approach avoids simply imposing costs—such as sanctions or limiting security cooperation and arms sales—and, instead, emphasizes creating more attractive alternatives that are better in line with US and Iraqi interests.

Of course, the United States may conclude that Iran’s apparent dominance, coupled with the Iraqi government’s inability to make meaningful reforms, suggests that there is little to be gained by increased engagement. However, despite the current government’s setback to Iraqi democracy, all hope may not yet be lost. Sudani resigned from the Dawa party in 2020 after protests were underway to reportedly advance his political career because he believed voters were more interested in independent candidates. This suggests that he may be open to incorporating more of a nationalist reform agenda in future policy.

Moreover, despite dominance by Iran-backed parties, the framework also includes more moderate factions, such as Ammar al-Hakim’s National Wisdom Movement and former prime minister Haider al-Abadi’s Victory Alliance, who are united primarily, if not only, by their opposition to Sadr, and little else. Even if these more moderate elements do not get adequate representation in the new government, it is also likely that Kurdish parties will hold key cabinet positions, with the Foreign Ministry reportedly going to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Justice Ministry to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). These last points suggest that the United States could benefit by engaging a wide range of Iraq’s subgroups to not just find, but create a way ahead.

I don't know.  I feel a mistake's being made in most of the analysis -- ''most of the analysis" means the western press coverage as a whole.  Michael Rubin -- someone I'm diametrically opposed to (he's a neocon) -- wrote a piece this week where he talked about an overemphasis being made regarding the ties to Iran.  

I think he's right on that.  As we've long noted here, Iran is a neighbor of Iraq.  They will get along and they will squabble.  Pretty much everyone in Iraq -- including the Talabanis -- have ties to Iran.  

It may very well turnout that all of the focus during the last 12 months -- panic? -- in the media over the ties to Iran that the Coordination Framework have was warranted.  But the line they've been selling has been highly selective as it sought to imply that this or that other person did not have ties to Iran.  

I don't like Michael but I would link to the piece if I could find it.  I can't, so here's a link to a piece he wrote a few days ago focusing on the Kurdistan.  On the Kurdistan, AFN reports:

The Turkish state continues its attacks against the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where its army has been conducting an invasion operation since mid-April. The Turkish military has since remained unable to break the resistance of guerrilla forces who are mostly acting in mobile groups in the scope of the “new-era guerrilla warfare” in response to the increasingly ongoing airstrikes and attacks with chemical and banned weapons.

According to Rojnews agency, 561 intellectuals from Kurdistan and abroad condemned the Turkish state’s invasion attacks, calling for a clear stand and action against the use of chemical weapons and banned bombs.

“As intellectuals, writers, activists, journalists, artists, politicians, scientists and environmental activists, we strongly condemn the occupation, attacks, killings, and the use of banned and chemical weapons, said the joint statement released on Saturday.

Pointing to the Turkish state’s vicious war against the pro-freedom population and revolutionaries, the statement continued, “The Turkish state, on the one hand, uses chemical and banned weapons, while it, on the other hand, arrests journalists, civil and political activists in North Kurdistan. In Rojava, it carries out UCAV (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) attacks against civilians, and in South Kurdistan, it slays freedom fighters thanks to the collaboration of traitors. 80 freedom fighters have been martyred as a result of Turkish use of chemical weapons.”

The statement cited Turkey’s genocidal aggression on the Kurdish people and the nature of Kurdistan as proof of the Turkish state fascism and invasion, and an attempt to change the demography of Kurdistan.

In the face of the war crimes and inhumane crimes committed against the Kurdish people and freedom guerrillas, the UN, human rights advocates, international bodies against the use of banned weapons, parliamentarians, Europe and world countries remain silent, said the statement which continued, “The governments of Iraq and Kurdistan Region have failed to take a stand against these attacks. The KDP aids the Turkish state’s war against our people and revolutionaries. The KDP does not only prevent gas masks from reaching the guerrillas but also blocks journalists and international bodies that want to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons on the ground.”

It would be great if 2022 could be the year when the world could find its collective voice to condemn the attacks that the Turkish government has been carrying out in Iraq.

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Iraq snapshot

Friday, November 4, 2022.  Julian Assange continues to be persecuted, Iraqis continue to suffer, Chris Hedges has a new book, and much more.

John Malkovich is speaking out on behalf of journalist Julian Assange.

Julian Assange remains persecuted by US President Joe Biden and a host of people who should be supporting him stay silent or heap scorn on him.

Julian's 'crime' was revealing the realities of Iraq -- Chelsea Manning was a whistle-blower who leaked the information to Julian.  WIKILEAKS then published the Iraq War Logs.  And many outlets used the publication to publish reports of their own.  For example, THE GUARDIAN published many articles based on The Iraq War Logs.  Jonathan Steele, David Leigh and Nick Davies offered, on October 22, 2012:

A grim picture of the US and Britain's legacy in Iraq has been revealed in a massive leak of American military documents that detail torture, summary executions and war crimes.
Almost 400,000 secret US army field reports have been passed to the Guardian and a number of other international media organisations via the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The electronic archive is believed to emanate from the same dissident US army intelligence analyst who earlier this year is alleged to have leaked a smaller tranche of 90,000 logs chronicling bloody encounters and civilian killings in the Afghan war.
The new logs detail how:
US authorities failed to investigate hundreds of reports of abuse, torture, rape and even murder by Iraqi police and soldiers whose conduct appears to be systematic and normally unpunished.

A US helicopter gunship involved in a notorious Baghdad incident had previously killed Iraqi insurgents after they tried to surrender.
More than 15,000 civilians died in previously unknown incidents. US and UK officials have insisted that no official record of civilian casualties exists but the logs record 66,081 non-combatant deaths out of a total of 109,000 fatalities.

The numerous reports of detainee abuse, often supported by medical evidence, describe prisoners shackled, blindfolded and hung by wrists or ankles, and subjected to whipping, punching, kicking or electric shocks. Six reports end with a detainee's apparent death. 

Another video of interest?

A video has allegedly shown former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo being served with a lawsuit brought by American lawyers and reporters who visited Julian Assange. Footage tweeted by Wikileaks being handed the papers as he stands in front of a greenscreen. Wikileaks tweeted on Wednesday (2 November) morning: "Michael Richard Pompeo: You’ve been served! “Mike Pompeo has been served with a lawsuit brought by US lawyers and journalists who visited Assange. Spanish court documents show violations of their US constitutional rights. Plaintiffs are represented by NY attorney Richard Roth.” Reuters reported in August that attorneys and reporters sued the CIA and Mr Pompeo, who left his job as a Kansas congressman to become the CIA Director in January 2017, just days after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Gerrard Kaonga (NEWSWEEK) reports:

A video appearing to show former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo being served with a lawsuit has gone viral on social media.

The lawsuit was brought by a group of American lawyers and journalists who have alleged that the CIA, while Pompeo was director of the agency, spied on them during meetings with Wikileaks founder and whistleblower Julian Assange while he was sheltering at the Ecuadoran embassy in London in an effort to avoid extradition to the U.S.

The Wikileaks Twitter page shared the video on Wednesday and the clip has so far been viewed over 500,000 times.

Sam Varghese (IT WIRE) adds:

Pompeo is one of the defendants in the case, which also names the CIA, security firm UC Global and UC Global director David R. Morales Guillen. They are accused of spying on WikiLeaks publisher and founder Julian Assange and his visitors while he took refuge in the embassy.

A statement from the Assange Defence Committee said the suit was served on the former CIA head as he was posing for photographs at the John Ashbrook Memorial Dinner in Ohio on 29 October.

The plaintiffs, who include renowned civil rights activist and human rights attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler, attorney Deborah Hrbek and journalists Charles Glass and John Goetz, visited Assange while he was in the embassy.

The suit alleges violations of the plaintiffs’ Fourth Amendment rights and documents how UC Global provided the CIA with information about Assange’s visitors and forced visitors to surrender their electronic devices to enter the embassy – digitally copying and transmitting information on those devices to the CIA.

Joe Biden continues the persecution of Julian Assange while his administration makes hypocritical statements.

The world watches as Joe Biden continues to persecute Julian and, as the world watches, it registers just how hollow the 'big' statements the US government makes actually are.


It’s impossible, under international law, to defend Russia’s war in Ukraine, as it is impossible to defend the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Preemptive war is a war crime, a criminal war of aggression.

Still, putting the invasion of Ukraine in context was out of the question. Explaining — as Soviet specialists (including famed Cold War diplomat George F. Kennan) had — that expanding NATO into Central and Eastern Europe was a provocation to Russia was forbidden. Kennan had called it “the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-Cold War era” that would “send Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.” 

In 1989, I had covered the revolutions in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania that signaled the coming collapse of the Soviet Union. I was acutely aware of the “cascade of assurances” given to Moscow that NATO, founded in 1949 to prevent Soviet expansion in Eastern and Central Europe, would not spread beyond the borders of a unified Germany. In fact, with the end of the Cold War, NATO should have been rendered obsolete.

I naively thought we would see the promised “peace dividend,” especially with the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev reaching out to form security and economic alliances with the West. In the early years of Vladimir Putin’s rule, even he lent the U.S. military a hand in its war on terror, seeing in it Russia’s own struggle to contain Islamic extremists spawned by its wars in Chechnya.

He provided logistical support and resupply routes for American forces fighting in Afghanistan. But the pimps of war were having none of it. Washington would turn Russia into the enemy, with or without Moscow’s cooperation.

The newest holy crusade between angels and demons was launched.

War unleashes the poison of nationalism, with its twin evils of self-exaltation and bigotry. It creates an illusory sense of unity and purpose. The shameless cheerleaderswho sold us the war in Iraq are once again on the airwaves beating the drums of war for Ukraine.

As Edward Said once wrote about these courtiers to power:

“Every single empire in its official discourse has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort. And, sadder still, there always is a chorus of willing intellectuals to say calming words about benign or altruistic empires, as if one shouldn’t trust the evidence of one’s own eyes watching the destruction and the misery and death brought by the latest mission civilizatrice.”

I was pulled back into the morass. I found myself writing for Scheerpost and my Substack site, columns condemning the bloodlusts Ukraine unleashed. The provision of more than $50 billion in weapons and aid to Ukraine not only means the Ukrainian government has no incentive to negotiate, but that it condemns hundreds of thousands of innocents to suffering and death.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I found myself agreeing with Henry Kissinger, who at least understands realpolitik, including the danger of pushing Russia and China into an alliance against the U.S., while provoking a major nuclear power.

Greg Ruggiero, who runs City Lights Publishers, urged me to write a book on this new conflict. At first, I refused, not wanting to resurrect the ghosts of war. But looking back at my columns, articles, and talks since the publication of War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning in 2002, I was surprised at how often I had circled back to war.  

I rarely wrote about myself or my experiences. I sought out those discarded as the human detritus of war, the physically and psychologically maimed like Tomas Young, a quadriplegic wounded in Iraq, whom I visited recently in Kansas City after he declared that he was ready to disconnect his feeding tube and die.

It made sense to put those pieces together to denounce the newest intoxication with industrial slaughter. I stripped the chapters down to war’s essence with titles like “The Act of Killing,” “Corpses” or “When the Bodies Come Home.”

The Greatest Evil Is War has just been published by Seven Stories Press. 

This, I pray, will be my final foray into the subject.

Meanwhile, Iraq remains devastated -- more so each day.  Jeff Schogol (TASK AND PURPOSE) informs:

It’s been more than three years since the Islamic State appeared to be defeated after the terror group lost all the territory it had once controlled, and yet ISIS continues to wage an insurgency in both Iraq and Syria, according to the most recent quarterly report from the Lead Inspector General for Operation Inherent Resolve.

“Overall, compared with the same period in 2021, the frequency and severity of ISIS-claimed attacks decreased dramatically in Iraq, while attacks in Syria increased significantly, marking a rebound from historically low levels the previous year,” the report says.

Between July and September, ISIS carried out 74 attacks in Syria and 73 attacks in Iraq, the report says. Small cells based in rural areas mostly conducted hit-and-run attacks against local security forces along with occasional high-profile attacks in cities.

While roughly 2,500 U.S. troops are still in Iraq and another 900 service members are in Syria to help prevent ISIS from mounting a comeback, the report cites several factors beyond the U.S. military’s control that have made their mission more difficult, including third-party actors, such as Iran; political instability, especially Iraq’s problems forming a government; and social-economic instability.

The Arab League held their summit this week -- not that it got a great deal of press attention.  ANF reports:

Speaking at the 31st Arab League Summit in Algeria on Wednesday, Iraqi President Latif Rashid said that the dams built by Iran and Turkey on the rivers in Iraq threaten the country's water security and cause water levels to drop.

“I hope that the water resources in Iraq will improve. Dialogue should be established with Turkey and Iran for a solution to the water problem,” the Iraqi President said.

This as Turkey continues to bomb and drone attack Iraq.  RUDAW notes, "At least one person was killed in Shingal on Thursday after a suspected Turkish drone targeted a pickup vehicle, Kurdish counterterrorism forces and media affiliated to the local forces reported. "  AFP adds, "Turkish military operations complicate relations between Baghdad and Ankara, one of Iraq's leading trading partners."  Ambrin Zaman (AL-MONITOR) offers:

Iraqi Kurdistan is gripped by turbulence as it comes under mounting aggression from Iran and Turkey, and as Baghdad seeks to wrest full control of its oil and gas industry. Rampant corruption and a lack of economic opportunity are prompting a rising number of young Iraqi Kurds to flee the country. As if things were not bad enough, the two largest political parties — the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that was founded by Iraq’s first post-war president, the late Jalal Talabani — are quarreling again over power and money, prompting worries of a resurgence of the civil conflict that convulsed the region in the mid-1990s.

The difference today is that not only are the parties at odds with each other, they are also mired in internal rivalries. Lahur Talabany, former co-chair of the PUK who led the Sulaimaniyah region’s intelligence services and the US-trained Counter Terrorism Group, was ousted by his cousins Bafel and Qubad Talabani last summer in a Byzantine power grab. It was the most overt manifestation yet of the intra-family feuds simmering in the Talabani and Barzani dynasties.


In other news, RUDAW reports:

US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken on Thursday spoke on the phone with Iraq’s new prime minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani, stressing that Washington is “eager” to work with his cabinet, according to a tweet by Blinken. 

“The U.S. is eager to work with the Iraqi government to confront Iraq’s challenges and deliver results for the people of Iraq,” Blinken said in his tweet, reaffirming the US “partnership” with the Iraqi government.   

Sudani was tasked with forming Iraq’s next government on October 13, after more than a year of political bickering since the parliamentary elections in October 2021.  Iraq’s parliament convened late last month, approving Sudani’s cabinet.

There was immediately no statement from Sudani’s office regarding the phone call.

Looking for something to do this weekend?  BROS is playing around the world and streaming in the US.

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Statement from the Stellantis Mack Assembly Rank-and-File Election Committee.

Will Lehman is running to become the next president of United Auto Workers:

The following statement was issued by the Stellantis Mack Assembly Rank-and-File Election Committee. The committee was recently formed by workers at Stellantis’ Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack (DACM) plant.

To contact the committee about getting involved, email

Brothers and sisters,

The Mack Assembly Rank-and-File Election Committee is supporting the election of second-tier Mack Trucks worker Will Lehman for UAW president.

Will is fighting for us. He wants to build a mass movement to abolish the corrupt UAW bureaucracy and put rank-and-file workers in power. Make your vote count and vote for Will Lehman!

The other candidates like Ray Curry and Shawn Fain talk about their “experience,” but it is experience selling us out. They were all exposed during the UAW presidential candidates’ debate by Will. The same people who got rid of our COLA and pensions and froze our wages for 10 years are asking for our vote. They were all in office and said nothing when Dennis Williams and Gary Jones were stealing our dues. It is not a few “bad apples,” it is the whole rotten bunch and they all need to go.

Workers are turning to Will because he tells the truth about what workers like us are really facing. Autoworkers are becoming a low-wage workforce. Fast food restaurants are paying $16-$17 an hour, but temps at Stellantis are starting at $15.81. With inflation running at over 8 percent that is a poverty wage. We have to struggle just to buy food.

Many younger workers don’t make enough to buy a home or to afford to live on their own like previous generations were able to. It is very common for workers to have two or even three jobs to make ends meet. The real wages for those at top pay have steadily eroded due to inflation.

Corporations are buying up houses in Detroit and jacking up rents, and in the suburbs too. People are literally losing their houses left and right. The working class is going through a recession, but not the auto companies. The government bailed out Chrysler in 2009 and since then the company, now Stellantis, has made record profits off of our labor. But instead of returning the concessions they made, the UAW bureaucracy has handed over even more concessions.

Previous sellout contracts have allowed the company to hire unlimited numbers of temporary part-time workers (TPT), now called “Supplementals.” We have over 1,000 TPTs at Mack. TPTs work all year round and get no bonuses or profit sharing. TPTs have to wait two years to be converted to full-time as second-tier workers only to wait another six years “in progression” to get to top pay. Management wants to fill all the plants with TPTs to save money all around.

While TPTs are expected to come to work every day and face all kinds of threats and intimidation, to add insult to injury, the TPTs have to pay dues to the UAW but cannot get any representation from the union. The UAW is trying to scare the TPTs by telling them not to vote in the election, when it is their right under the rules set by the UAW Monitor.

At Mack, the UAW apparatus is colluding with management against us. They are forcing people to do jobs they are not supposed to be doing. They have management forcing people to drive vehicles even if they don’t have a license.

There has been a lot of other harassment. TPTs have been threatened left and right, and some of them have been fired. Senior workers too are facing increasing harassment from management. When we go to union officials all they say is what management can do, but they never show us the contract language. The union reps give us the runaround if we try to file a grievance. You can’t go to anyone to report this, because everyone in the UAW leadership is working with management.

From the stewards up to the local president, no one is doing their job. We get threatened at union meetings for speaking up. When you call the international, they give you the runaround too, and hope you get tired and give up.

Now we are being made to fear for our jobs. They told us at one meeting that investors are dissatisfied and would close the plant. Not long ago they were talking about cutting the third shift at Mack. We are being told if we don’t improve quality and decrease absenteeism our jobs may be at stake. We are being blamed for something that is not our responsibility. It is management that refuses to stop the line to fix problems with vehicles. As far as absences, they pay workers so little there is hardly an incentive to come to work.

We have heard that Stellantis will be bringing people over from Trenton Engine and Warren Truck. Most likely the low-seniority people will be laid off, but the UAW is not telling us anything. You can’t squeeze extra people in the plant, so we know that some of us will lose our jobs.

The company and the UAW bureaucracy are playing games with peoples’ lives. They are not allowing people to transfer from department to department. We face harassment and threats that are creating a hostile work environment.

Nothing is won without struggle. Everyone has got to draw a line in the sand. We will be slaves if we don’t. We have to mobilize and do what we have to do to stop this.

We fully support the demands that Will is raising in his campaign:

  • End the tiers and get us all on the same level, with equal pay for equal work. Convert all temps to full time immediately.

  • Fifty percent pay increase and the restoration of COLA, especially after the concession contracts imposed on us by the UAW bureaucracy for decades.

  • Triple time for any overtime after every eight hours we work, and no more mandatory overtime. We need the eight-hour day restored and the Alternative Work Schedule removed. Workers should be able to live on one paycheck, not multiple jobs.

  • We need paid sick leave and time off when we need it. We should not have to use our vacation days for shutdowns.

  • Everyone should have a pension. The only way to guarantee retirees will keep their pensions is give pensions to new hires as well.

  • We need to have rank-and-file control over our own safety. We should be able to stop production if conditions are not safe.

If you agree with what we’re fighting for, join our committee! We, the rank and file, are the only ones who can fight for our interests because the UAW bureaucracy will not defend our needs.

Operation Stop Child Protective Services

The END of DEMOCRACY: November 8th, 2022 | What Does a Post-Democracy U.S. Look Like

Stacey Abrams' GRIFT? Non-Profit Paid Millions for Losing Lawsuit



Ellie’s email – did you see this?

Kathy Spillar: I just wanted to bump this Voters Guide to the top of your inbox, Common Ills. The last day to vote in the midterm election is this coming Tuesday, November 8th. Please take a look and if you have already voted, THANK YOU! Please forward this to someone who needs to see it!

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Eleanor Smeal – Feminist Majority Foundation <>
Date: Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 4:09 AM
Subject: Kansas was just the beginning…
To: You <>

This is a long email, Common Ills. But there is a lot I want to be sure you know. So, please read through!

Photo of a voting booth with the text: Kansas was just the beginning

The Ms. magazine and Feminist Majority Foundation poll by Lake Research Partners found that across nine battleground states (AZ, FL, GA, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, and WI) abortion and women’s rights are the most important issues for young women voters, ages 18-29, and are highly motivating in determining their vote. Among women voters of all ages in battleground states, abortion and women’s rights are tied with inflation and rising prices. In a post-Roe world, the Equal Rights Amendment is more important than ever.

You know the midterm elections are critical. Please be sure you have a plan to vote. AND, share this email with friends and family — especially if they live in these critical states!

Here is what you need to know.

There are ballot measures in three states (CA, MI, and VT) that will enshrine abortion rights and access in their state constitution. There is a state Equality of Rights Amendment on the ballot in Nevada. And in Kentucky and Montana, Kansas-style amendments would set the stage for additional outright bans.

Read more on these ballot measures in Ms. magazine too.

Let’s make sure extremists know that Kansas was just the beginning. Make sure you have a plan to vote — AND, if you know anyone in any of these states, forward this email!

For equality,

Photo of Eleanor Smeal, President

Eleanor Smeal
President, Feminist Majority Foundation

Feminist Majority Foundation
1600 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 801
Arlington, VA 22209
United States