Saturday, September 08, 2018

Violence strikes back against the endless occupation of Iraq


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The protests continue in Iraq.  Did they just (finally) get a little personal for the US government?

Protesters set fire to Iranian consulate in Basra, Iraq

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Caught for years between the governments of Iran and the US, is anyone really surprised that missions of both countries would be targeted today?

The Iraqi people don't want to be occupied.

Of course, many idiots in the US don't grasp that.  They believe that Barack Obama ended the Iraq War.  Strange, however, US troops have continued to die in Iraq.

The troops are there to continue the occupation.

It's an occupation that hides behind puppets and the puppets aren't even smart enough to try to offer small appeasement to the people.  They're just greedy and grab everything they can while the people of Iraq suffer and do without.

The protests started in July and close to 100 protesters have been killed.  But the western media has largely ignored these deaths as well as the protests.  Attack the US and Iranian missions in Iraq and, suddenly, the western press is interested and suddenly violence has arrived.  AP shrieks:

Iraqi security forces deployed on the streets of Basra on Saturday, a day after protesters in the southern city stormed the Iranian consulate and torched government buildings in violence that rocked the oil-exporting Shiite heartland and sparked alarm across a conflict-weary country.
Masked troops in combat fatigues set up checkpoints and rode through the city center in black pickup trucks with heavy weapons mounted in the back. Security forces in Humvees deployed at intersections.

It's the third month of protests and protesters have been wounded in the hundreds and killed but only now is the western media concerned. 

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    Steve Cox Retweeted The Hill
    Imagine a CEO who leaves his job, then *afterward* starts making public statements about how the company’s poorly paid workers need better pay and benefits. The workers would view that guy as a real dick, no? πŸ‘‡
    Steve Cox added,
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    Everything about this piece about Les Moonves' crusade against Janet Jackson is disgusting and just demonstrates how dangerous it is when only a few companies own most of the media.
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    Never forget.
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    Nothing irritates me more than people who compare small amounts of disposable income on small pleasures or necessities to actual wealth and capital. It’s so ugly and classist not to mention utterly ridiculous.
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    My president walks among his people like this, but yours can’t dare or even think about it History will always remember πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύ
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    The Siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 and lasted 872 days, claiming 1.5 million lives. The residents trapped in the city displayed an incredible will to survive despite seeing loved ones die of hunger.
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    Why does U.S. public allow Trump administration to behave like an international gangster in foreign affairs? Trump decides the U.S. will not leave Syria - no criticism or opposition because that is gangster. Trump sits down with Kim Jong Un or Putin - massive opposition!
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    Why hasn’t the officers name been released? She is lawyering up. She is getting her story together. The police department is getting its story straight. The department will back her story. It will be just that, a STORY, so that she can walk free. 😭😭
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    When you watch a documentary, do you assume it is supposed to be factual? The people that commission them may not. A reminder, originally posted 2017:
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    These two al-Qaeda peace doves from Tajikistan vowed to fight the Syrian army in . They are considered “civilians” by NATO leaders.
    This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more
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    Obama mentions the Times op-ed in his first speech on the campaign trail today. Makes one wonder about the timing of it all. I mean, really.
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    It is America and its regional allies that will be responsible for civilian deaths in . Because it is the Americans, Turks and Saudis who have waged this shocking war against the Syrian people and who sent startling numbers of terrorists to conquer and terrorise Idlib.
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    wants Labour to be taken back to the days when the party supported the dropping of depleted uranium shells on Serbia, causing enormous increases in cancer rates there, and when the party endorsed the invasion of Iraq, resulting in the deaths of one million Iraqis.
  15. So what if is disrespecting the flag or the military? That wouldn't bother me at all. As for the green beret who suggested he kneel instead of sit, whatever.
  16. I don't even know what brand of sneakers I own. I'll have to look. (Pause.) A no-name brand. As you were.
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    HEY! Next LIVE SHOW in BURBANK has SPECIAL GUESTS and ! , and more will be there too! Get TIX NOW:
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    I'm actually not okay with this and you shouldn't be either. Twitter acts like they don't have a MUTE button & we're all 4-yr-olds who need to be protected from meanies. This is a disturbing precedent and we should all be paying attention
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    The anti-Trump forces in the Trump Administration oppose him because he wants peace with Russia & North Korea. They love his tax cuts for the rich & corporations, de-regulation of polluters, expanding military spending. The Resistance of Neocons!!