Saturday, November 09, 2019

Over 300 protesters killed in a month of protests

At least 301 people have been killed and nearly 15,000 have been injured in Iraq since the start of anti-government protests in October, the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq (IHCHR) said in a statement.

In Iraq, the protests continue and a new development is emerging, the targeting of female activists.

Sad news from . Female medic and activist Rania al Saidi was kidnapped earlier tonight. A week ago Saba Mahdawi was also kidnapped. Female activits in Iraq are being targetted.

  1. “Oftentimes the difference between a protest movement being successful or not, is the extent of women participation.” It’s been a week since Iraqi activist Saba Almahdawy was kidnapped, and now another medic, Rania al Saidi, is reportedly abducted. Why?
  2. Another female medic and activist ( Rania al Saidi ) kidnapped tonight after one week of kidnapping Dr Saba al Mahdawi

In the face of that and so much more, the protesters continue to gather.

  1. Iraqi government leaning media” protesters are getting bored” Nasriya students “hold my chai..”

  2. Maysan, Babel, Basra, Nasriyah and many other cities are having student strikes this morning.

  1.   यांनी पुन्हा ट्विट केले
    "Baghdad and Basra have seen yet more bloody days of excessive force meted out against protesters... This bloodbath must stop now, and those responsible for it must be brought to justice” -

The continued attacks on the protesters led to Amnesty International issuing "Iraq: Rein in security forces to prevent a bloodbath" earlier today.

Iraqi authorities must immediately rein in security forces after at least six protesters were killed in central Baghdad today amid a police operation to clear demonstrations from several bridges and streets near Tahrir Square, Amnesty International said after interviewing multiple eyewitnesses by phone.

Dozens more protesters were injured in the capital, while media reported that up to 12 protesters were also killed in Basra in recent days.

“Baghdad and Basra have seen yet more bloody days of excessive force meted out against protesters. Iraqi authorities must immediately order an end to this relentless, unlawful use of lethal force,” said Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.

“There have now been at least 264 protester deaths across the country in little over a month. This is turning into nothing short of a bloodbath – all government promises of reforms or investigations ring hollow while security forces continue to shoot and kill protesters.

“The government of Iraq has a duty to protect its people’s right to life, as well as to gather and express their views. This bloodbath must stop now, and those responsible for it must be brought to justice.”

Medical workers who witnessed the police operation in Baghdad told Amnesty International that four protesters had been shot dead with live ammunition and two others died of injuries resulting from tear gas grenades striking their heads. A video purporting to be from the scene showed a tear gas grenade lodged in a man’s skull as he lay lifeless in the back of a vehicle.

Amnesty International has documented at least nine other cases of military-grade tear gas and smoke grenades killing protesters in Baghdad since 25 October, and has called for an immediate halt to their use in crowd control as they are highly lethal.

One of the medics told Amnesty International that he had witnessed security forces charging into al-Rasheed Street and throwing tear gas at protesters. He said tents being used by the medics caught fire in the fray, destroying medical equipment worth thousands of dollars.

Another medic described similar destruction of medical equipment when security forces moved in on protesters on al-Sinak Bridge. He said security forces stormed the tent where injured protesters were being treated and then threw tear gas canisters on the ground inside the tent, which caught fire. Medics had to flee, carrying the wounded and leaving medical equipment behind. The attack also destroyed a tuk-tuk that was being used to ferry injured protesters to ambulances – and which was clearly marked for this purpose. 

Internet access was briefly restored for several hours on Saturday, but according to the NGO Netblocks and multiple reports from activists on the ground, it was shut down again across much of Iraq from around 17:15 local time.

Anybody else remember when BUZZFLASH used the Iraq War to make money via donations?  But somehow they don't feel that they have to even link to stories about Iraq today, let alone write any original coverage.

If they don't get what cheap whores they look like, that's really on them.

  1. Death toll in Iraq has passed 300 as crackdown on mass protests continues.
  2. The EU deplores the excessive use of force against protestors in Iraq, undermining their right to express their legitimate demands, and expects perpetrators of all violations to be held accountable. Full Statement by the EU High Representative:

The Iraqi people need the world to be watching.  Those paying attention need to register the outlets -- big and small -- that have not noted these protests or the way the protesters are being attacked, kidnapped and killed.

  1. Just look at the tragic symbolism in this photo taken by Ali Dabdab. While everyone celebrating the spontaneousness and innocence of the Tuk tuk, security forces destroys it.

Looking back now at all those whores who profited off the Iraq War?  We need to grasp that it wasn't just the defense industries (weapon makers) raking in the dough.  The Iraq War was also a moneymaker for a large number of the faux left who pretended to be against the war when a Republican was in the White House.  BUZZFLASH offered overpriced 'premiums' and did so under the guise of fighting against the Iraq War.  But the minute Bully Boy Bush was out of the White House, they no longer gave a damn.  So they were just lying.  They were just pretending.  And, yes, they were making money off the deaths of others.  That's the reality, Mark Karlin, and maybe you should take a hint and stop e-mailing me. I haven't responded and I dont' feel the need to promote your crappy, ignore the wars website.

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