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2018 in Music

Kat: It was a tough year for music.  In fact, I think the tough year explains why critics fell for Barbra Streisand's hideous WALLS.  The critics fell for it even as her fans rejected it.  For years, the soundtrack to ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER and the studio album BUTTERFLY were said to be her worst selling albums but now WALLS has that honor.  In fact, if she releases another album that sales so poorly, don't be surprised if COLUMBIA finally gives her a gold watch and shows her the door.

Barbra sounded a little husky on the album but Joan Baez was outright croaking on WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND.  Joan Baez, Barbra Streisand, Judy Collins and various other singers would do well to really listen to how they sound now before stepping in front of a microphone again.

Fortunately, 2018 was not without its pleasures.


1) Cat Powers' THE WANDERER.

Cat returned with another masterpiece.  A lot of people would like to have the discography of, say, Joni Mitchell.  Few will ever even come close to matching Bobby Sherman.  But Cat's shaping up to be a long term artists and THE WANDERER doesn't just satisfy, it also makes you hungry for her next album.


2) Sting and Shaggy's 44/876.

They're not a pair that naturally comes to mind -- at least not in my mind.  But the two worked together to produce what was easily the most fun in music this year.  Provided they don't try to go deep, I'd love to see them pair up again.


3) Rod Stewart's BLOOD RED ROSES.

There was a time -- from about the mid-seventies through the end of the eighties -- where a lot of us eagerly anticipated each new Rod Stewart album.  Would he dazzle us by mastering a new genre or blow us away with a beautiful ballad?  We were never sure but a lot of great songs came out of that period including "You Wear It Well," Young Turks," "Tonight's The Night," "You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)," "Da You Think I'm Sexy," "Baby Jane," "Some Guys Have All The Luck," "Infatuation," "Lost In You," "My Heart Can't Tell You No," etc.  Those days ended a long, long time ago.  So imagine my surprise to discover BLOOD RED ROSES and a Rod that still mattered and still committed to the song.  This is a real treat and probably the hidden find of 2018.

cowboy junkies

4) The Cowboy Junkies' ALL THAT RECKONING.

The reckoning?  That Cowboy Junkies remain a band worth listening to.  They continue to explore the space  between the notes.  It's not just what they play or sing but what they don't.  One of the finest bands recording today.

5) Neko Case's HELL-ON.

"Bad Luck" should have been the anthem of 2018.  Actually, any of the album's twelve tracks could have been the year's anthem.  HELL-ON is the album where Neko fully lived up to the critical praise she's earned for years.  If you've never been able to connect with her before, check this out.

abba cher


Cher just wants to have fun.  And when the results are this dazzling, who can argue?  "The Winner Takes It All" is a must listen.

Speaking of fun:

But I'm just dumb enough to try
To keep you in my life
For a little while longer
And I'm insane enough to think
I'm gonna get out with my skin
And start my life again

7) That's the artist known as Father John Misty.  Josh Tillman really delivered on GOD'S FAVORITE CUSTOMER. 

8) Janelle Monae's DIRTY COMPUTER.

"I Got The Juice" was on Ava and C.I.'s iPods.  I heard it for months and thought it was some classic r&b song.  It was only around Thanksgiving that my sister's kid was playing it and I said, "Hey, I know that song."  To which the snot-nosed replied, "Aunt Kat, everyone does."  Apparently he was right.  As I got into DIRTY COMPUTER, I would praise this or that song to this or that friend and the reaction was repeatedly some variation on "Duh!"  This is one of 2018's finest albums.  If you're coming to it late, like I did, remember late is better than never.


9) Dashboard Confessional's CROOKED SHADOW.

Dashboard finally did what their fans -- their long suffering fans -- have been pleading for: Chris got back to basics.  It's their best album since the 90s.


Yes, it's a Christmas album but it's truly one of my favorite albums of 2018.  "Overjoyed" alone is amazing.  With the Supremes, Diana did SING HOLLAND-DOZIER-HOLLAND.  Maybe now it's time for a DIANA SINGS MOTOWN -- where she covers Stevie, Smokey, Marvin and others.


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Corruption and harrassment: 'success' in 'liberated' Iraq

When Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States, will he leave the White House?  I have no reason to suspect that he won't leave, no US president has ever required prompting.  But it's a little different in Iraq.

For example, in 2016, Nouri al-Maliki refused to surrender the prime minister's home to the new prime minister.  And now?  Months after Hayder al-Abadi's term as prime minister ended, he's still holding onto housing.  RUDAW reports:

Iraq’s parliament speaker said he does not know how many state-owned houses are occupied by the former prime minister and members of his government as a rift between the former and current prime ministers deepens.

"The speaker of the Iraqi parliament does not have knowledge about the number of state houses [former prime minister Haider] al-Abadi and other officials have not yet handed over to the government," read an announcement from the office of speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi on Monday night.

Halbousi was compelled to make the declaration after Ali Sined, a member of the Nasr Coalition led by Abadi, claimed the former premier had handed back the keys of his state residence a month ago and that the speaker was aware of the situation.

The incident was apparently sparked when security guards of current Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi reportedly stormed a building occupied by Abadi in Baghdad.

In other news,

 “I don’t want a scandal,” Samir’s female companion told him as the university security staff arrived. The two students at the University of Mosul, in northern Iraq, were sitting side by side talking in one of the gardens on the university grounds. The security men wanted to know why they – male and female – were sitting next to one another in such a ”provocative” manner.
Samir ended up arguing loudly with the men and wanted to fight them. Eventually the men took the pair’s student IDs and marched them to the campus security office, where they were questioned further.
Afterwards Samir posted messages about the incident on Iraqi social media and was surprised to be joined by dozens of other students, who all had similar tales to tell. Many of them likened the incidents to being harassed by the Hisbah, the ”morality police” belonging to the Islamic State, the extremist group that had controlled the city between 2014 and 2017.

The hisbah used to punish women who left their homes without veiling their faces and a male guardian, as well as men who shaved their beards or smoked. They also prevented the genders from mixing.
When the Islamic State, or IS, group was eventually expelled from the city, a lot of the local youth, aghast at the way religion had been used to curtail freedoms, began to demand more personal liberty. But there are still plenty of staunchly religious people in the city and they warned about the trend toward atheism, seeing it as an attack on Islam as well as the local culture and social traditions.
Life has returned to the University of Mosul and already over 30,000 students from all over Iraq and from various different ethnic and religious groups attend lectures here again. It is one of Iraq’s most important educational institutions and religious and political leaders have always tried to influence what happens here.
In less than 24 hours, it was possible for NIQASH to collect nine stories similar to Samir’s.

So much for post-ISIS liberation in Mosul. 

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  1. I meant to say executed for carrying a toy gun.
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    “The argument that the US has defeated ISIS is ludicrous...No one on Capitol Hill asks: Who armed ISIS? Who trained ISIS? Who financed ISIS? Who bought ISIS oil? And who gave logistical support to ISIS?” I analysed the American presence in :
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    Interesting to watch how liberal corporate press - the real manipulators of democracy - present & frame opportunist democrats for the next round of "selections." Narrow - minded visionless hacks like Biden, Harris & Booker are transformed into thinkers with actual ideas.
  20. They won't let Russiagate die. They can't. It gets the dems off the hook for losing in 2016. They get buy in for censorship and endless war. They create a permanent enemy. That won't change in 2019 and they'll definitely beat the dead horse in 2020.
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    This piece ends with explicit reference to David Sirota’s (entirely factual) reporting. So it very much seems the demand here is that journalists stop scrutinizing the records of people potentially seeking the most powerful office in the world.
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    Formerly progressive Mother Jones is using a completely bogus story generated by a Silicon Valley-funded “false flag” disinformation campaign to raise money for more Russiagate coverage. Any word on this from ?
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    Former President of Ecuador Rafael : US Vice President Mike Pence visited . Ecuador agreed to hand over Julian Assange to US As the political cost of taking him from the Embassy is too high, they plan to break him down mentally instead
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    Will someone make a list of impressionable 'journalists' fabricating the Bernie/Beto smear? They're carrying water for the dark persuaders of American opinion. Out them. Ignore them. Let me start: Jonathan Allen, Alex Seitz-Wald, Jonathan Chait